Tuesday, September 02, 2008

things to share but no photos

I have stuff. Lots of stuff to share, but no photos of any of it.
1. I painted this weekend using a new technique Gonzo showed me so I can have a background when learning how to pin-stripe
2. I knitted. Not one whole project, but I started a Koolhaas hat which isn't looking like the picture, so I might have started it wrong, we'll see.
3. I taught Gonzo's mom the beginning stages of knitting- although we have nothing to show of that, I just wanted to share that bit of info.
4. My car has an orange spot on the hood due to a misplaced wet drop cloth...go orange spray paint (good bye resale value)!
5. Zazzle.com goodies up for sale- look to the right, that's what I have so far. I also have a Christmas card that I'll post later once it looks good. FYI on the blue shirt with "Anywhere But Here" as the title- for some reason Zazzle isn't recognizing that the .jpg file doesn't have a background color so it's filling it with white, so that title shirt is only available on light colored shirts- I'll attempt to adjust and make it available for darker shirts later on- or if anyone has any suggestions, who has maybe worked on zazzle, as to how I can use the same image (without making white transparent- as this lightens the color dramatically on this image) on darker clothing- it would be greatly appreciated!
6. It's September already! Get those Christmas/Holiday orders in soon!!! I have lots of time to work on them!!!


Susanne said...

Hi! I came here from Bag n Trash blog. What is the average price you charge for a drawing like you did for her niece? I know it is hard to give an estimate but if you could give me a ball park I would be grateful. Susanne (scheusie@shaw.ca)

Susanne said...

ETA, I clicked on your art blog and have my answer from my question about price! Your drawings are exquisite!

-amber- said...

Wow Thank you so much! If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask (ASBTSF@gmail.com)