Friday, September 19, 2008

The end to a relatively calm week

First things first- Can someone please do an exorcism on my car? It keeps turning up very odd looking spiders. I DO NOT LIKE SPIDERS. Or can someone send a memo to the spider police insisting on a new law for no spider hitch-hikers on my car?

I really wish I had gotten to take a different picture of this guy. You can actually see an orange band with a bazillion eyes when you look at it. How I got that close, is beyond me. I only got to take this picture and one really blurry one because he was not affraid of me or my camera and was running across the roof of my car right for me. did I mention that I DO NOT LIKE SPIDERS? Does this look like a scorpion without a tail to anyone else? I'm not having it! Spiders STAY OFF MY CAR!!!

On to the moral of this post:

This week has been pretty calm, I'm hoping that it's the calm before the storm. I managed to complete one commissioned drawing, that will be shipped out next week. I'm getting together with my parents this weekend to get the final piece for my friend Jessica's "knee surgery care package". I'll also be sending that out next week (her surgery is next Friday). And I started learning how to knit a sock.

This is only 3 days of work, and not 3 entire 8 hour work days full of knitting, mind you. Grand total probably about 4 hours of knitting here. It's so tiny it's hurting my hands. I had a co-worker ask me today if the sock was for an adult. Sadly it is, guess I'll be using the new steamer and blocking it...when it's the year 2012.

I've actually got a pretty booked weekend of doing nothing art or knitting related, but I'm hoping to work on some stuff in between the other crazy things. I've also go to re-do part of my website content. I really need to stop working on that when I'm so sleepy that I can't think straight. Content should only be edited when I'm fully awake and high on life. So yeah, I'm going to do that at some point either this weekend or during the week next week. I also hope to get some more things done for Zazzle and get them up for sale. Anyone have exciting projects they are working on?

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