Thursday, September 18, 2008

In a Funk and it's only Thursday

Have you ever had one of those days, where you woke up- you were really excited because the weekend was almost here; work was going well, and then BAM! The crap hits the fan? Or maybe it's not even that much crap, maybe someone just says something and you bristle up like a porcupine? Or someone sends an email and you can't tell if you are taking the meaning of it wrong or not, so then you spend hours upon hours wondering what it is that you did wrong? Yeah, I'm having one of those days.
Without going into a whole lot of details- one of the companies I used to work for has a google group, so we can all stay in touch, etc. etc. Someone made a comment yesterday about the Production Assistants that we worked with being "Coddled" (I would be one of them), and it's continued to snow ball- yet none of the PA's are even replying to the emails. I'm a littler per-turbed by the whole thing because being a PA is one of the most Thankless jobs on the planet already, people who are or were or who will be a PA don't need to be reminded of that. But because of those emails I'm just left dumbfounded and questioning every action I made at that job and others. Being treated like dirt on the bottom of a shoe is a tough enough job- I may not be one now, but there are days that I still feel like I'm sitting at the bottom of the barrell. Maybe that's why I ran as far away from the animation industry as possible...
I started working on some socks yesterday. It's my first ones so I hope they turn out to at least resemble socks- I don't even care if they fit or not, as long as someone can look at them and go "Ah! Socks!" then it'll be alright.
I can't even draw right now I'm so flustered. People suck sometimes.

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Dallas Shaw said...

your work s cool. wanted to invite you over to the new artist blog tomorrow to chat about your work, but the email was kicked back!, hope you'll pop in