Friday, September 17, 2010

Cutest. Baby. Ever.

Oh man, how cute!?! This is Cove. One of the quietest babies I have ever met in my life, and also one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. If not THE cutest. I don't even know what to say about the drawing because he's just that cute. You can expect to see more drawings of this little guy, as his mom Jennifer is an amazing photographer.

Details of the drawing: 8 1/2" x 11" paper (regular old printer paper)- pencils used: HB, B, 2B, and 4B pencils.

I might actually go back and darken the strap of his tank top a little, as I'm seeing it's blending in with his cute little cheek there. So yeah...I just can't get over the cuteness that is Cove.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Horse- with corrections

Ok, so here is the corrected Horse drawing (photo, not scanned, now you can see all of it). I actually had to do a lot more tweeking with the eye, so the one seen in this photo isn't even the final product (I spaced out and forgot to take a picture of the whole horse after I finished the eye...I have no idea what my problem is...because the new eye looks so much cooler. I have a close up of it, but I'm not posting it here.)
So honestly, which horse do you like better? This one or the one in the previous post?

Monday, September 13, 2010


Shhhh, this horse hasn't been delivered yet! And it's actually not completed either. I just got word today that the commissioner of this piece would like me to blend the cheek area (so the veins are less visible) and the well as blacken the eye- pretty sure I saw the pupil in the photo I was working from, but what the commissioner wants, the commissioner gets. I actually really enjoyed drawing this horse- I wish I had a bigger scanner so I could fit it all in- there's a lot more of the neck visible in the real drawing. I'm going to make the adjustments tonight and then take a photo of it, maybe it won't look bad (I just really prefer scanned images to photos of drawings, you know?), then maybe I'll post the corrected image. I'm pretty sure you will all agree that the corrected image looks better than this one. But we shall see.

Sorry I've been so absent from posting drawings lately. It was a slow time there for awhile, and I think I needed the break. But my pencils are sharpened and ready and my sketchbook is standing by. Feel free to become a fan on Facebook (or I guess it's called "like" my page on facebook...which just sounds weird to me), A Shade Better Than Stick Figures TM and join in the fun of Sketchy Thursdays. Today is the day that you can start posting suggestions for drawings that you would like to see me draw (not from a photo, but just something that you think would be challenging for me...example: skydiving kitties; Cow in a tornado; a bus; butterflies, etc. You can also add if you want to see it cartoony, or realistic, or from still life, or whatever you think would be cool- or just leave that part up to me.), on Thursday I'll pick one suggestion and draw it over the weekend- posting the winning suggested drawing on Monday. Hope everyone participates. It's a weekly thing (granted the last 2 weeks I've been MIA on the project with other things I was working on)
It's good to be back in blogland and it's great to be back drawing.

Lulu and Bubbles

This weekend I had the honor of drawing these 2 cute dogs. I really hope the recipient of this drawing loves it as much as I loved drawing it. The person who asked me to draw them was getting it done for a present for the owner of the dogs. One of which passed away.

I get asked a lot of the time if I like drawing white dogs, or if it's hard to draw them.
I do like drawing white dogs, they are challenging- since they are drawn onto white paper, but I think that I have done a fairly decent job with all of the white dogs that I have drawn of still conveying that they look white on a white background. I don't think that it's hard to draw them, just challenging...and I love a good challenge.

After I emailed the woman about the drawing being done, she asked if I could add their names under the bench, but above the leaves- which I did- I just forgot to scan it before I gave it to her, so this is the completed drawing sans dog names.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Good times!

The Cowtown Indie Bazaar this past Saturday was awesome! I had a great time and met a lot of really great people! We had a lot of lookers and I'm really excited to be hearing from the people who said they might be interested in a drawing in the future. I have one that I'm currently working on (well not while I'm at work- I have no way to protect it from the rain- which is what it's doing today and looks like it will be doing the rest of the week- I can't afford even one sprinkle to get on the paper between my car and the door's at home)- so as soon as it's complete I'll post it up here. Maybe later this week sometime.
If you made it out to the Cowtown Indie Bazaar, did you have a good time? What was your favorite vendor? Did you see anything that you want to purchase for yourself? Or for a loved one?
I was neighbors with my good friend Tania at The Curious Cake Shoppe which is always a blast. She had a ton of traffic. I found myself purchasing more goodies from Eye On The Sparrow which is one of my favorite vendors (I purchased earrings from her last spring). I love that she uses guitar strings to make clever! I also found some fabulous jewelry over at Freeforged Jewelry- which is definitely on my wish list- they were set up right across the walkway from me and I was staring at their stuff all day. I should have brought some extra money with me to buy a ring or the really cute twig earrings they had. There were several artists set up with some of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen- but I wasn't able to grab any of their business cards (I walked the show before it opened to the public, and a lot of vendors hadn't finished setting up yet- so there were no business cards available- then when the show started, I didn't have very much time to walk the show- and as soon as 6pm hit- everyone started tearing down their booths). I had a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone who made it out! You made it an awesome show! And special thanks to my mom for helping to keep me company in my booth for most of the morning and early afternoon!