Monday, September 22, 2008

Parents make the darndest things

My dad is a wood worker- has been for awhile. However in the last several years he has turned his focus to wood turning. Once I told him that my friend Jessica was having knee surgery, and I thought that I should send her a "wood turned" cane- my dad got on it. It's hard to see from this photo- taken by my dad, but that light colored branch is actually the cane, and it was turned from a branch of a similar nature of that bush it's sitting against.

For a better view of the cane:

I don't know if she'll ever use the cane, but thought she would at least get a good laugh at the fact that I'm a smart ass and decided knee surgery= walking with a cane.
Anyway. I'll be shipping off her goody package probably later this evening or tomorrow at the latest.

So yeah, that's the big "secret" thing my parents were planning. Originally my mom was going to carve a horse head for the top, but after looking at it logically, as something Jess might actually use, decided that #1- the horse head would be very uncomfortable to hold, and #2- wouldn't be sturdy enough to support anyone's weight without it breaking. Hope you like it Jess!

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