Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008!!!

Some of my resolutions for the New Year:
-stop drinking sodas
-move around (or excercise...ha!) a little everyday
-limit eating fast food to once or twice a month (again, HA!)
-make at least one new friend

I'm sure I'll come up with more before the clock hits 12 in the central time zone, but whatever.

I have a "feeling" that 2009 will be chalk full of surprises, interesting adventures, and a few fantastic and wonderful "things"...(yes I have an idea of what all of these are, but I'm holding back on telling everyone)

I wish everyone a fantastic New Years Eve, a very very Happy New Years, and I wish that everyone has a fantabulously glorious 2009. I know I plan on it!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting close to the end of the year

I really enjoy this time of the year. I tend to take a look back at all of the projects I've tackled over the year and kind of put a pin in it, so-to-speak, and look forward to topping it in the following year.

I hope I can top it in 2009. I mean, seriously, making my mom cry at Christmas is going to be hard to top, but we'll see.

I'm pretty sure this will be the last project I finish this year.

The Seb Munny.
The "owner" of this piece hasn't received it yet. I just finished it yesterday and he lives in Florida. It's a present for him, from the same girl who requested the traditional chinese costume munnys earlier this month. She loves her munnys. :P

This one didn't take quite as long as the others, probably a total of 4 working hours, and probably 6 drying hours. This is actually based off of the dude's "character". I don't think you can find a picture with him in it where you can see him. He made a character that looks similar to the munny and posts it in his pictures. Kind of an ingenious way to display photos, in my opinion.

I really hope "Seb" likes his munny likeness. It's given me inspiration for 2009, that involves a ton of Munny's, pictures of good friends, and hopefully lots of clay sculpted iPhones...

I might post again before the end of 2008, but in case I don't- I'm happy to see another year end, and will be thrilled to see another year in it's entirety. May you all have a blessed and wonderful 2009.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

bored on a Saturday, time to post pictures

Ah, a relaxing Saturday with time to post some pictures of the projects I've been working on.
I started this blue bird sometime late this past summer.
I had promised my mom since 2000 that I would draw her a picture of this fat, mad looking blue bird- sometime between 2001 and now I managed to lose the picture that she wanted me to draw I found a different blue bird to draw for her.
She likes it.
That's all that matters.
I hadn't really drawn anything with colored pencils since 2007 when I did this one. And once I did, I realized that it was the perfect idea for my dad's drawings.

So in October when Gonzo and I went to Wisconsin, I had him take a bunch of pictures on his fancy-pants camera, and I took some of my own. Once I went thru them all, I found 3 that I liked best, and thought my dad would also like. This tractor was the first one that I saw, and knew that I had to draw ASAP. It took me about 8 hours to complete, all of the little details and getting the correct colors and everything took more time than I thought it would. But I really like how it turned out.
Then there was the important picture that I knew my dad had to have. I had already picked it out to draw when he informed me that he wanted a copy of the photograph. He still hasn't gotten a copy of the photograph, but now he at least has the drawing.

I know that I said there were 3 photos that I had to draw from for my dad, but due to the last minute drawing requests and statue requests, I ran out of time to finish the 3rd one. So, since my dad's birthday is in February, you'll no doubt, get to see the finished product in 2 months...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry day-after-Christmas...I made my mom cry!

You know, because that's been my goal for every Christmas. Making my mom cry because of the present I gave her...

I drew her favorite (and my favorite) picture of my brother and me from my aunts wedding, circa 1980-something. I remember having this picture taken, and I remember crying thru the entire wedding- I'm shocked that my aunt still speaks to me.

But this isn't the picture that made her almost did.

The one that made her cry was this one:

My mom's parents. 2 of my most favorite people, ever. I attempted to draw my grandad last year and it didn't turn out so I thought I would give it another go.

My mom loved it! So much so that she got all quiet and did the hand-over-the-mouth thing and I saw tears. Real tears!!!! Success!!!

Tears are the best payment ever! (well the good kind of tears, the happy tears...sad tears are not the best payment)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that your 2008 is coming to a splendid end.

I've got more pictures that I'll post up next week...stay tuned.

Friday, December 19, 2008

"Sculptures" Finally able to post pictures!!!!

They're done! Delivered! And Approved by all parties!!!
I'm so excited!
These aren't really "true" "sculptures". I started off with 2 white mini munnys, and transformed them with Sculpey clay, and some acrylic paint...the nice glossy-ness that is on them is courtesy of Gonzo, I was scared I would screw it up with the clear coat, so I made him do it.
These were actually done for a 10 year anniversary gift for a very good friend of mine, to give to her boyfriend, in a traditional chinese wedding outfit theme. If that makes sense. I've been working on them since November, so I'm not sure anything I say makes sense anymore.
I was planning on showing all of the prep pictures, and the process pictures, but quite frankly no one really cares about the process these you get the finished product pictures!
Happy Holidays everyone...and for those of you who aren't offended- Merry Christmas!!!! (I might post next week before Christmas, so you may get that message again...I'm just saying)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Something a little different

I was checking out the normal blogs that I look at every day, this morning, and came across one of them that had a freakin' awesome I decided to give it a go:

Your result for What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test...

Conscientious, Fulfilled, and Spiritual

16 Renaissance, 0 Islamic, 0 Ukiyo-e, -23 Cubist, -21 Abstract and 4 Impressionist!

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that profoundly affected European intellectual life. Beginning in Italy, and spreading to the rest of Europe by the 16th century, its influence affected">literature, philosopy, religion, art, politics, science, and all other aspects of intellectual enquiry. Renaissance artists looked at the human aspect of life in their art. They did not reject religion but tended to look at it in it's purest form to create visions they thought depicted the ideals of religion. Painters of this time had their own style and created works based on morality, religion, and human nature. Many of the paintings depicted what they believed to be the corrupt nature of man.

People that like Renaissance paintings like things that are more challenging. They tend to have a high emotional stability. They also tend to be more concientious then average. They have a basic understanding of human nature and therefore are not easily surprised by anything that people may do. They enjoy life and enjoy living. They are very aware of their own mortality but do not dwell on the end but what they are doing in the present. They enjoy learning, but may tend to be a bit more closed minded to new ideas as they feel that the viewpoint they have has been well researched and considered. These people are more old fashioned and not quite as progressive. They enjoy the finer things in life like comfort, a good meal, and homelife. They tend to be more spiritual or religious by nature. They are open to new aesthetic experiences.

Take What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hunter x 2

One of these things is not like the other...2 different drawings of the same thing. Can you spot the differences? Better than that, can you tell which one I drew first???

Enough of that little game. This is Hunter. A tribute to a High School friend's dog that is a gift to my friend's mom and sister. I hope the mom and sister like them as much as my friend did.
Nothing like emails with screaming Capitals to make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
I'm really glad she liked both of them. Sometimes when I'm asked to do the same
drawing twice, I get distracted, and can't focus, and end up doing a horrible job on at least one of them. It's not my intent going into the project, but seriously, it's happened.
Anyway. Only one and 1/2 weeks left before I can do my gigantic "reveal" to show all of the "crap" that I've been working on for the holiday season that I couldn't show you before. Yes, my dad's COMPLETED present(s) will make an apperance as well, because THEY WILL be completed. Fair warning, I may stretch it out over several days...just for variety. You know how it is...

doodles and things

In honor of the "Twilight" post from last week I doodled some vampire goodness this morning.

I'm kind of sad to say that I'm finished reading the series. I started it last Tuesday and finished yesterday. Super easy read, and gripping. I don't think I've ever been so tense reading a book before...or a series. So if you like reading and feel the need to look into a series...I highly recommend "Twilight" and the 3 others that come after it (New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn).

I finished the "sculptures" but I'm scared to post anything just yet. The person hasn't given them to the other person I'm holding out for that.

I'll have 2 more drawings to post later on. Same subject for both drawings, but they kind of turned out different. So it'll be interesting to see if anyone has any feedback.

Still haven't worked on my dad's Christmas present...yes I know Christmas is next week...back off!

I've got to block some mittens so they can be shipped out this week in time for Christmas, and I've got to begin a new project with the hope that I can have it finished and completed by Christmas...It's a Munny. I'm excited!

I love being busy this time of year!!!

P.S. I'm sick! Seriously- it's probably the Bird Flu...we'll never know...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guilty as charged

I am drawing (although I'm completely avoiding my dad's reason, I'm just a big procrastinator...I like waiting until the last minute)- however that's not why I'm typing. I'm blogging today to let everyone know, that I'm forever, rediculously, still a teenager. I went to see the movie "Twilight" several weeks ago. And there was something about it...some...thing...that was so wonderful, that Gonzo took me to see it again on my birthday. I was expecting to hate it the second time around...oh no. I still left, a big ball of cheesy goo. Why am I forever trapped as a 13 year old girl?
That's not even the worst of it. I've become obsessed. I downloaded the soundtrack...AND...the score to my iPod. I KNOW! ("pathetic"-that's the word I'm thinking you can insert here). And then (oh no, it's not over yet)...I purchased the books (yes bookS- plural). I won't go into the complete and total humiliation I went thru to try to find these books- but I will tell you, I've had them since Monday night- I just finished book 2, and will start book 3 today (If I had listened to my gut...oh I don't know...1 year ago- I would have picked up the first book while at the bookstore and never been the wiser).
I think I have a problem. And I'm really scared to start book 3, because I was so torn up reading book 2 that by the time I finished it, I was clapping...out work. I don't think I've ever been drawn into a book so rediculously...ever.
Thank you Stephanie Meyer for writing such great books, that while they are in the young adult section, 27 year olds can still read them and love them just as much as they would when in high school (plus my mom is totally hooked now too! HA!).
That's all. I should have a picture of the drawing I'm working on by this weekend- posted.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

More Birthday Maddness

Somebody sent me an "Edible Arrangements" bouquet! Gonzo is the best! He knows I'm not big on flowers, so what girl could resist the greatness of a fruit bouquet???

WOO HOO!!! Yeah me and my birthday!!!!

It's my birthday! And I can post if I wanna.

I finished this jem yesterday at work. (Actually I started it yesterday at work as well- it was slow.)

I don't actually know anything about this guy, or what kind of wine he's opening, or if the glass he's going to pour it into is crystal or plastic- but hey! I think it turned out pretty swell, in my opinion.

It's festive, and there's WINE. So it's like I'm celebrating my own birthday and some guy is opening the bottle for me! HA! (I can't even drink, but I've already been told 3 times today to "have one for me"...hum...have one and get a migraine...or have none and call it a night?? weighing the options weighing the options...)

I used 2B, HB, and 4B pencils on this drawing. It's on 8 1/2" x 11" paper (nothing fancy, just printer paper). I'm awaiting the response from the requester to see if she approves. I hope she does, I kind of like how it turned out. ("kind of"- scratch that, I do like it, but I'll change it up if she doesn't.)

Anyway...Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I finished the first horse...probably 2 or 3 weeks ago now. I just now got around to scanning the picture. I have one more to draw for my awesome friend Jessica, and then she'll be getting a giant package of goodness sent to her via FedEx.
And then there's the picture of the commissioned drawing for my boss at work.
I started it last Friday, and finished it on Sunday.
It was pretty fun to draw. I like drawing people,
what can I say?
Anyway. This week is my birthday. Have I mentioned that? I say it's all week, because...well...I feel like celebrating all week.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Oye! Mittens!

I knitted a last minute present for someone. It's not so much last minute, as it was I found out this weekend that I needed to knit them. Good thing mittens are easy :P

So yeah. I ate myself stupid this weekend. Between hanging out with friends and going out to eat, or eating a "left over Thanksgiving" at a friends house, or eating a ton of cake and ice cream with strawberries as an early celebration to my b-day (which is Thursday...if you care-I'm not sure I do- I'm celebrating all week)- I'm officially stupid.

man, looking at this picture I totally realize the value of blocking. I'll do that before "finishing up" the mittens. Yikes!

As for the weekend (between all of the eating)- I worked on the sculptures- which are almost done. ALMOST DONE!!! I also completed the commissioned drawing that was requested last week (pictures will be displayed soon- I forgot my flash drive at home). And I started but didn't finish a marathon of Planet of the Apes. Gonzo has never seen the movies before. I love that he stayed up until 2am watching them :) I heart Planet of the Apes...and Gonzo.