Thursday, September 04, 2008

What Koolhaas Hat?

Don't adjust your screen. That IS a Roll Brim Hat. I got frustrated with the Koolhaas hat. Not that it's all that difficult, I'm just not good at remembering numbers, or what I did 5 minutes ago, let alone trying to remember what stitch I'm in the middle of doing when the phone rings and I have to answer it, "Thank you for calling the place that I work at, do you know which stitch in this chart I am on? Why did you call then?"

Anyway- I totally forgot what part I am on in this and all. Meh. LOL, JUST KIDDING- I LOVE MY JOB!!!

Ok, so can I just say that the 90210 theme (from the 90's) is stuck in my head right now? Yeah, well it is. **Omitted due to seeing the episode where Dylan and Kelly finally become a couple- I forgot about that one.**

Back to the hat. Wow, side tracked much? Yeah I finished that hat in about 5 hours today. In between answering phones, typing invoices, and listening to co-workers. (so probably more like 3.5 hours)

Anyway, the hat and mittens are done for Jessica, my friend in Wisconsin who is going to have knee surgery at the end of the month. I'm working on a few other goodies to throw in the care package, and still waiting on my parents hand made gift to send as well.

And for all the naysayers who are going "why did you make black knitted goods?" it's because I knitted this girl a pair of convertable mittens forever ago that were black and green, and specifically remember her saying she liked black and green...and goes with everything. Does that make sense?

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