Monday, September 15, 2008

Dog gone it!

Haha! I had to start over on the dog :( So sad I know. It's not done yet. But I sent an email to wait for approval from the requester. Once that's all approved, or changes are requested then I'll finish it up and post the final product.
So Ike was a pain when it went thru DFW, lots of rain, not too much wind, but yeah, the rain made me sleep all Saturday away. I could have been doing things...
I feel really awful for the people in Galveston and Houston, both for the people who didn't heed the warning and leave, and for those who have lost everything. Everytime I turn on the news it makes me want to volunteer for something, Red Cross, Salvation Army, who ever will take me. It also really makes me wish I was a millionaire. Just so I could donate some money- that way the organizations can buy the right supplies they need. I'm also considering donating blood. I've never done that before. When I was 18 and my High School had a blood drive, I wasn't elligable to donate because I had just gotten a tattoo. I went with a friend so she wouldn't be scared while she donated, and I almost passed out. Needles/hospital equipment + me= not a good combination. I went to try to donate while in college and that's when I found out I had anemia. Surely that's under control now- as I couldn't donate once they found that. I don't even know what blood type I am. Part of me hopes that I'm the same blood type as my mom- as she has one of the most needed blood types in the world (Don't ask me what that is). But part of me just really wants to help. These are my states people. I want to help.

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