Friday, September 05, 2008

The prettiest yarn I own

On my excursion to The Shabby Sheep, some many moons ago, I was almost to the check out when Gonzo darted off to go find the 2nd most expensive thing of yarn I own, while waiting for him to get back to the register, I saw this glorious hand painted yarn hanging on the wall. Hi! All my favorite colors wrapped into one tiny tiny ball!!! I wanted to buy anything that resembled these colors at that point...but the thing was $12.00...and it's tiny (180 yards)- Hello most expensive thing of yarn I now own (granted the Alpaca that Gonzo picked up was close to $30.00 I can at least knit on that for awhile)! Sure, the normal knitter would be all like "sweet! A pair of socks!" but I don't know how to make socks yet. So I'm going to be making a cellphone/wallet. Ask me how that looks or for the pattern, and I'm going to stare at you blankly. So far I've casted on about 30 stitches I think and I'm going with a stocknet stitch- past that I haven't gotten very far. I'll post pictures later of either the progress or the finished product.

Stare into it's beautiful colors and yarny'll make you want to drop a small fortune on it too...

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