Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my life in a nut shell...or on paper

I know, where has the time gone? It's only been, what? 10 minutes since my last post?
But I drew a little, and dug out my camera and decided to post a little something, something.

I got the idea for this while browsing a forum like 4 months ago. It's me, from the age of 5 until the age of 18 (I'm working on the later years).
This (to the left) is me at the age of 5. I had this really awesome hair cut from the time I had hair until probably 5th grade, bangs straight across, short in the back. It was truly a sight to behold (sarcasim). There are pictures of me from around this age, maybe younger, of me in a blue tank top and shorts. I remember wearing this outfit until I outgrew it- I loved it! Anyway, I remember my babysitter calling me "Chipmunk Cheeks" because I had, and still do have, gigantic cheeks.

But yeah, that's the gist of me at the age of 5. Not a whole lot of a story there. (a co-worker came up to me while I was drawing this and goes "and the story is?" and I just said "no story" and she goes "are you going to make one up?" I wanted to say "why would I make one up if it was real life?" but instead I just shook my head and bit my tongue and proceeded to continue)
When I was 12 I used to wear this pink sweatshirt, alot! It was painted by someone, for all I know it was my mom who painted it. But I remember there was some Native American Indian theme to it, and on the shoulder there were some painted feathers. My 6th grade substitute teacher, in front of the entire class, stopped me from walking across the room to tell me I had something on my shoulder- figuring that he was joking I was like "ha ha, yeah, it's called paint" and he starts laughing, pointing, and very loudly going "oh! I thought you had bird poop on your shoulder!!!" Needless to say, I very rarely wore that sweatshirt after that, and very rarely did my peers speak to me that year. Oh, to be back in the 6th grade...I would rather die.

By the time I reached High School I was very much...um...I don't know- quiet? shy? to-myself? High School is a very self-concious age (all 4 years, thank-you-very-much), so the baggy paints, shirts, oversized sweatshirts, backpack, and long hair in the face were a must. If I could have dyed my skin the color of the walls I would have. I just didn't want anyone to notice me- at all. But looking back on it, if I had known then what I know now- oh what a joyous time I could have been having, instead of trying to blend in to the surroundings. But I'm ok that I was the wall-flower. It probably kept me out of a whole lotta trouble.

And of course there's no time like my Senior Year. I had 6 art classes. I was glued to the back table, and the rocker in the back of Mr. D's art class. Always head down, looking at the paper- whether I was actually drawing anything or not. I had some joyous times in that room, one very horrible rant that I exploded at my evil tormentor from one of those classes, and 2 very large crushes of guys who sat very close to me. Don't get me wrong- I learned a crap-load of art-stuff from Mr. D. But who really takes away JUST what you learned in class? I have some very fond memories from High School, and some very horrible memories that I still slap my forehead because of.

Anyway, I will continue to go with the "my life in a nutshell" theme, and produce some more years in my life- hey! Maybe I'll work on that while I'm hanging out with "the guys". (they get the quotes. Because they are "the guys".)

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