Thursday, December 30, 2010

So long 2010- I will not miss you!

This year was kind of rough, it started with being in the hospital recovering from 2 surgeries. My first craft show (which was really exciting) was a blast in the spring; I had to cancel 2 other craft shows I was supposed to go to- one because of weather and the other because of a funeral; the 4th craft show was fun, and the 5th show that I was supposed to do turned into a debacle and a refund and me not showing- which was all very stressful and expensive to get ready for only to end up not doing it. The 4th show produced a lot of custom orders which I was very thankful for- but I had grown tired and stressed and cranky. I decided to not do custom orders anymore in 2010, which makes me kind of sad, but relieved to have a break. In August I moved and in doing so I messed up my back. After an MRI, and a neuro-surgeon visit and being referred to the rudest pain management doctor and his staff of morons I learned my *only* option was a steroid shot- which got cancelled at the last minute because I had to have a tooth pulled and heaven forbid they give me a shot the day after that for fear of infection (hello, I had 2 emergency surgeries within 20 hours at the beginning of the year and no infection- pretty sure I could have handled it). Really glad I didn't get the shot- instead I turned to Eastern Medicine- Ayurveda. While it didn't cure me on the first visit to Pranaa, it helped my back feel better for a few weeks. I followed it up with a back massage that helped for a few hours and then I took up Yoga- which I honestly hate- but it does make my back feel better. This week has been the first full week since July that my back has not hurt.
What does this all mean? you ask?
Well, I was stressed out this year, and cranky. In April I also started orthodontics, which just adds to the crankiness every 6 weeks when they have to tighten something. My commute to my 8-5 job has increased and it leaves me a complete wreck by the time I get home at night. I'm not complaining- I want to offer an apology. I took out my frustrations and stress on several people this year, including people who ordered custom drawings- I am so very sorry. I was a cranky mess and difficult to work with- which should have never happened. I should have taken a leave at the beginning of 2010 to recover from the surgeries and find my happy place before diving in and getting overwhelmed. So I am truly sorry for my behavior and attitude this past year.
What can you expect from me in 2011? A few more posts than the end of 2010- I will still be on hiatus from taking custom orders until further notice, but I'm hoping to post some doodles and completed work in the coming year. I did actually draw between the last post and now, but didn't really want to post the outcome. Hopefully in 2011 I will also be happier and less grumpy to people- seriously, 2010 year of Amber being a grump is done!
Oh and for the few of you who are curious- I will NOT be doing any craft shows this year. While I thoroughly enjoyed the Funky Finds Spring Fling last spring and had fun at the Cowtown Indie Bazaar in the fall- I just don't have the energy or the drive to do it right now. I had fun being booth buddies with The Curious Cake Shoppe and wish them well in the coming year! I can't wait to see how they do with the new business The Curious Canvas!
I hope 2010 comes to a peaceful and happy close to all of you, and I hope that 2011 brings you much happiness and joy. Here's to a year full of art!