Sunday, August 27, 2006

:) maybe it's called procrastination

ok, so I think maybe I was wrong about motivation ... maybe. Either that or this geometrical - what - ever - it - is, is turning into a series of drawings.

It was really relaxing to draw and color. Stress free and what-not. I promise that I'll post something a little less...geometrical next time...unless it's an animated ball bounce, in which's a circle or a sphere...and last time I checked, that was a geometrical figure.

I'm working on a painting as well...I'll post the progress on that as I have time.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

did i find the motivation?

I know what you're thinking
... "How ... interesting" ...? hehe! Yeah I know, sometimes to get in the mood to draw something, I need to do something a little less like something I normally draw and let my mind wonder for a little while. This lovely piece decided to tackle the other day, when I was out sick from work. So it's actually quite amazing that I could even color between the lines since I was out sick with pink eye. (Anyone know what a pain it is...a literal concentrate on something like drawing, or watching TV for that matter, when it feels like sandpaper on the inner part of your eye lid, scraping away layer upon layer off of your eyeball?)

But anyway, I attempted this after remembering a fond memory of when I was in Junior High (or Middle School as the northerners like to call it). I used a protractor, a ruler and Prismacolor colored pencils. Don't look too close, because you'll probably find that the pink eye effected me more than it should have (lines are where they aren't supposed to be, symetry was not a big plan in this particular drawing...although using a protractor and ruler it should have been :P ). Honestly it was a nice get away from the drawings I usually do.

Speaking of finding my motivation: I'll post the finish product when it's finished, but I am working on an acrylic painting for my mom. She wants flowers...of various pinks and purples- she basically said "pinks, greens, purples and know what I like". Yeah...sure I know what she's talking about... :0 We'll see how that turns out :P

But I should be able to find the time to post more since Friday (tomorrow) will be my last day at work (DNA Productions). The company is downsizing due to the fact that "The Ant Bully" did so poorly in theaters. But I have a feeling it won't take them long to bounce back and then I'll be getting that fantastic phone call saying "hey, can you come back?" Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic to be getting some time off and being able to actually work on my drawings, and, that last thought almost skipped my brain completely- I knew there was something else I should be working on...animating...ah. I'll let the pink eye heal first :P Man do I love to procrastinate.

Friday, August 18, 2006


So my motivation for drawing has been lacking. My motivation for painting...has been lacking so bad I haven't painted anything in I don't know how long. But more importantly, my motivation for animating...the thing I went to school for, the one thing I used to live and breathe for, I haven't worked on in well over a year and it's about time I got my act together. So by creating this blog I figure that I'll be able to hold myself accountable if I don't post something art related at least once a week. At least that will give me the motivation to say "hey, I'm going to stop being a lazy-ass and do something so I can make myself proud (...of myself...?)."

Seriously, it starts this weekend. No more laziness. No more TV time (you know, except for the news...and some cartoons...and my Animaniacs DVD...and uh...Gilmore Girls. Maybe some Grey's Anatomy...but after that, no more TV time). I'm going to be hard core about this. No time for family on the weekends, no going Damn it! See that's what caused this whole downward spiral of nothingness.

I will be starting this weekend, I've already got my sketchbook on hand for when I do venture into the light of day, whether it be eating, or going to the book store to pretend like I want to buy something, I'll be sketching whom-ever, and where ever. And when I'm at home, I'm plopping myself in front of either my animation table or the computer- dag-nab-it.