Friday, July 20, 2007

Animal Crackers, Distractions, and Incompleteness

So as I'm sitting work, pondering life and eating animal crackers- as I often do- I realize that I haven't posted anything new in awhile...or anything old, for that matter.
I wanted to apologize for that. I've been so good with the updates, and then I go and throw it out the door.

Here's a run down: I finished the 2nd drawing of "For Betty", for my friend. I didn't scan it though, she came to pick it up before I had a chance- it actually turned out better than the one that I previously posted. She liked them both, I hope the rest of her family liked them as much.
I started and am 1/2 way done with my 3rd Munny. The second Munny I did for a friend. The Munny looks like a Panda bear with a Blue and Purple scarf (which I knitted), his name is Pandar- it's from a City of Villans character that my friend created. Then there's the third one, which is named after this blog: A Shade Better Than Stick Figures. I used waterslide transfer paper to adhere scanned images of my art work to the Munny. Everything is on it, I just had to get the clear coat for it- which is Krylon Clear Coat, paint on...It's taking longer than planned. My dad is building...or recently built (I just haven't received it yet), a paint stand, so all of the Munny pieces will fit on it at once so I can paint, and they can dry, right there, no problems. Once I have that, I can finish the 3rd Munny and Post him. I think he'll be called ASBTSF for short...which is also my screen name on the Munny Forum. :P
I'm trying to think if I worked on anything else as of late...I do have 2 seperate drawings in the works, neither are complete, both are just for fun, and both will be in color. One is with colored Pencil and the other...well it hasn't been decided how that will be done yet.

So it's not that I don't want to post...It's more like- everything is in a stage of incompleteness, and I'm not ready to unveil it until it's completely done...I may post pictures of the progress once it's complete, but not before.

Also, I will try to dig out some drawings from "the past" to post, just for fun. But anyway, that is the update for now. I do apologize for the lack of posting, I really do. Thanks for understanding (all 2 people who read my blog).