Sunday, October 16, 2016

An Update- A Clutch and Dye class

For starters- I have 5 knitting projects that I'm working on in my spare time to have ready by Christmas...It's October. I might be kidding myself. We'll see.

I've also started an 8 week yarn dyeing course, which is fun, but nerve racking since I haven't really done much dyeing before. I didn't even experiment with food/non-toxic dyes until week one of the class. Here are those results:

"Violent Violet" (I saw this YouTube video and ran out to get the Wilton's Violet Icing Dye- this was a lot of fun):
"Barn and Silo" (McCormick's Food coloring in Red and Blue) :

Once the class is over I'll show off all of the skeins of yarn I've dyed using the acid dyes- but here's a preview of a few in pots:

 But here's an update on the "clutch" I was working on and mentioned in this post:
The first attempt did not turn out how I had hoped it would...unfortunately.

There's supposed to be an even seam between the flap and the clutch...which there is not- the pattern called for the same number of cast on stitches for the flap as for the clutch...that's not accurate:
And I have a feeling I know why this yarn was in the clearance section at Joann's:
There are little bunches where the yarn is flawed and I didn't want to have to piece the yarn together, I didn't want a lot of joins, so I just kept knitting thru the flaws. It's not pretty.
But I really do like the braided closure:
That's definitely a great detail that is on this pattern.

Here's a look at the back:
I think, once the holiday season is over and I have time for "my" projects- I'm going to revisit this pattern and try to make it correct...once it looks like I want it, then it will get a lining and a zip closure (the braid will just become decoration).

Now I have to get back to my dye class. Like I said, I'll post pics of everything once class is over. I'm learning a lot. Did I mention the teacher is the owner and dyer for Phydeaux? Pretty sure I've mentioned a time or two, in other posts, about how much I love that I'm learning how to make it!