Thursday, September 11, 2008


See, you didn't really have time to be all that nice. I just seem to be in a better mood today.

Basically, after I made that purple and tan "pocket wallet" (name patent pending :P), and using it for the weekend, I decided it needed a little make me feel safe that small objects that I was keeping inside weren't falling out of tiny holes. So I decided to fabric the inside (yeah sure, that's a real term right there "fabric the inside"). Plus, I felt that there needed to be a pocket inside of the wallet (hence "pocket wallet")- to prevent my phone from being scratched (too late for that, I scratched the crap out of the back of that thing 2 seconds after I got it). So voila! Granted this is the prototype. I attempted a stockinet stitch self stripping gray yarn yesterday and...well...It looks really pretty. But as for holding anything...unless it's small, it won't fit in there.
On the plus side, I'm totally in the mood to draw today. I've got a bunch of pictures to draw from the car show from Saturday, and I found some baby pictures that I had printed out from an email forward from back when I drew "Scary Leaf Head Baby". So maybe, just maybe I'll get a drawing done today. I finished the car drawing from earlier last week, 2 days ago, so I need something else to work on. Business has been ssssllllloooowwww. I'm guessing no one is thinking of Christmas...which is a quick 3.25 months away. I'm hoping for some commissioned drawings soon, just because I miss the rush of a deadline...and setting my own deadlines for drawings that aren't going anywhere just makes me go "hum, so I can push that date back, I'm a slacker". But if anyone is reading this and thinking "I want a drawing done, but it's kind of pricy". Just know that I don't charge shipping- anyone else who I've run into that does the same type of drawings charges more than I charge per drawing, and then charges shipping on top of that. No pressure though. Hand drawn portraits aren't everyone’s taste, and I totally understand. There's a lot of art work out there in the world that I'm not too keen on, so I wouldn't just go buying it because someone has time to make it. But if you are considering having me draw something for you, drop me a line and we can discuss it.

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