Friday, August 29, 2008

Cable knitting...the beginning

I've had this pattern for making something called a Koolhaas hat for the last month or so. I found it on Kathryn Ivy's web blog, and loved it, so I had to get the pattern for myself. I have never actually knitted using cables before. Once an overly anxious co-worker attempted to show me how to cable and I was lost from the first stitch. I've been attempting to read up on it for the last month or so, and today, while working on my friends hat, I decided I should try it (I frogged the entire hat, just so I could work on cables...who wants a plain black hat anyway?)
So I went online (again) and looked at Knitting for Dummies. The quick little how-to guide resulted in the image to the left. I'm actually shocked how easy that was. I'm sure I could manage to screw it up. But maybe if I practice this over the long weekend I can make a fantastic Koolhaas Hat for my friend so she can recover from knee surgery in style!
Here are the mittens I made for her already. Nothing too fancy because I just learned with the cabling and what-not. But I hope she likes them just the same.

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