Wednesday, September 03, 2008

some of the many photos I owe

Giant orange splotches. With some dirt. That's the hood of my car currently. The spot actually resembles the continent of Africa, so there's always that. Too bad the paint was tacky when I drove it to work yesterday. Now there's all of this crap stuck to the orange. Oh well, I was getting bored with the silver color anyway.
If anyone knows of a great way to get enamel paint off of a surface without taking the clear coat of the cars paint off, it would be completely awesome if you would share your secret with me.

This is the new technique of painting Gonzo taught me this weekend. It's not a new technique per-say...more of a "I didn't know how to do it myself, this way" technique. That's plexi-glass, and what you're looking at is the clear side of it, there's no paint on that side. Trippy, huh? Maybe once I learn to pinstripe this will look even cooler? We'll see.

Ok, and now I have to warn you, shield your eyes from the coming monstrosity. It's hideous, and might make you vomit.

You can't say I'm not warning you. Just please, shield your may even want to ask small children to leave the room, and people with epilepsy to look away as I don't want my blog to be the cause of any siezures...

Seriously I'm not kidding about the warning.

This is it. Taped lines, squiggly lines, some yellow splotches, and it was supposed to be orange for a background color, but unfortunately I didn't check the can before leaving Home Depot and I picked up the rejected can of "hey, everyone in the store try it and don't clear it before returning it to the shelf"- so I got about 3 sprays out of it before it clogged completely and couldn't breathe anymore life into it...there-by resorting to black, which kind of makes it look like vomit.
I'm not happy with it, let's just say that.
I had another one, beautiful actually. It was way bigger than these two, with Red and Purple- I loved it! We took it to Gonzo's mom's house and his aunt was there, and fell in love with it. I let her take it. Unfortunately I let her take it before I got any pictures of it. Too bad the same can't be said for "swirly vomit" up there.

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