Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting back into animation, maybe...Last night was a wealth of knowledge from "the guys". Watching some of them learn how to better their animation, as well as listening to one of them teach the rest of us. It was good times. Did I draw? Um, no. I brought my laptop...and it froze up. Excuses, right? Yeah, well, I still learned alot. Unfortunately the animation guru might be moving far far away as his job will be history in a few weeks. That makes me really sad. And angry at myself for having dissappeared off the face of the earth for so long that I couldn't hang out with the guys prior to the last few months. If he moves, I wonder what the likelyhood of "the guys" having their weekly meetings will be? Sucks.
I'm completely finished with the dog drawing, but still waiting to hear back on approval before I post the final picture- once I hear back I'll post it though. Critiques are welcome.

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