Friday, June 08, 2007

last post~

Ok, I think I'm an idiot. I just re-read that last blog- why does something typed one day sound good that day, and then 2 days later- it reads really horrible?

I like drawing- no matter the topic, subject, whatever (especially if I'm getting paid for it) ;) ;). I think where I was going with that last post was an open invite into my head while I draw, which should always be a shut door policy. So I do apologize for that.

Just know that if I drag my feet on getting a drawing done, it in no way has anything to do with you the commissioner- it has everything to do with my emotional state and my connection with the subject matter. Even if I don't know the person who is the subject- if they happen to be deceased I often find myself wondering how the person commissioning the project is doing-how they are coping with the loved one being gone- if they are as messed up as I am, when someone's all very weird.

So yeah- I like drawing-anything...with-in-reason...for a price. I'm not limited to the stuff that you see on my blog- I drew some really messed up stuff in High school. Maybe I should show some of that stuff off...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"For Betty"

Here's the drawing I promised. To be honest I love and hate these drawings- let me explain:

People usually come to me to draw a loved one- unfortunately, sometimes, it's of a loved one whose past on. In this case- this was a friend of mine who asked me to draw her grandma who past over Memorial day weekend. I actually knew her grandma and it was kind of hard to draw this picture for me. I just hope I did her justice- I'm awaiting word from her now. I don't really hate doing these drawings, it's just sometimes, the fact that they're dead makes it harder for me (I don't deal well with death for some reason). Maybe that's why I like drawing kids better... O_o...who knows.

This is one of two drawings that I'm doing for her family- they will be the same...or relatively close- they're both from the same photograph, so hopefully the next one will come out looking close to this one, or better.

the Munny forum

no new drawings to post just yet...hang tight.
This post is about the previous post. I finally got some courage- thanks to a push from a fellow vinyl-head, and posted my munny, in the Munny forum, and got some encouraging words. Although everyone said it looked jazzy.
He got a new name J-Boogie...or J-Groove, I still haven't decided which I like better.

He will be getting a new friend soon-only to be taken away very shortly- as I was doing it as a project for someone else. I'll post pictures of that up soon too. (so many projects!!! Making my head spin!!!)

Also- some of you will be happy to know that I finally, at long last, registered a domain name, and will soon- maybe not as soon as some of you would have liked- will have a website. So stay tuned. I won't abandoned blogger or any of the other various websites I frequent when I get my website up and running- it will be more of a show-off gallery- and a "pimp-my-talents-for-possible-business" web-site. I'll have links on it to this and all my other sites too :)

anyway, must go- too many projects to leave sitting for too long...

Friday, June 01, 2007

I've been MIA because of MUNNY

This is the reason I've not posted anything in awhile...It's a Munny. It's something that is in diar need of a 12 step program.

I bought this one intending to give it as a gift to a friend, but couldn't bear to part with I bought her another one- then I bought myself 5 more to work on...I's rediculous. So while it may seem like I've stepped off the face of the earth and stepped away from my traditional medium of drawing on paper I haven't...I'll be posting a drawing soon. But be prepared for more Munny's soon. You can go to to join the fun if you dare. Be warned, this is the most addicting- non-drug-thing, ever! EVER! It's awesome!!!!

Oh yeah, I did the above Munny using Prismacolor colored pencil only...and 2 really horrible coats of Krylon UV protectant glossy finish spray...I had never spray-painted anything prior to this project, so it dripped because I got too heavy with it in spots, and it bubbled in spots because...well I live in Texas, and the humidity of spraying outside, without the use of a spray booth isn't the wisest of ideas...but it's all I had to work with for well-ventilated-areas.