Monday, September 08, 2008


I forgot my camera cord, so I can't upload any photos right now. Anyway, there's not a whole lot that went down this weekend, but here's an overview:

Saturday was the 1st Annual THEM- The Invasion Car show in Deep Ellum. That was freakin' awesome! It was a classic car show...and by classic, I mean mostly rods- one corvette showed up for about 20 minutes and left, obviously realizing that he was at the wrong car show, not your mom and pops classic cars, that's for sure (although some moms and pops were there with their awesome cars). I took lots of pictures and so did Gonzo, so I will have plenty of cars and bikes to draw for awhile. Not to mention enough inspiration for pinstripping that I may actually put brush to metal soon.
I got a wicked bad burn...again...while at the car show. Forhead and nose are nice and crispy, as well as the back and front of my neck, and my lower arms. At least this time I was smart enough to wear a t-shirt and not a tank top. One day I will wise up to the sun screen. One day.
Saturdays car show made me realize how much I want more tattoos. I've neglected getting more than the one I have because of work. I hate that work places won't accept that as art, and be done with it. Corporate America needs to loosen their ties a little. Freedom of Expression is needed more. Tattoos are sweet. I almost won a $100 gift certificate to get a tattoo done on Saturday...and by "almost won" I mean Gonzo bought a raffle ticket for me- the numbers weren't even close. But seriously, there were so many women there with sleeves done, or their entire legs covered that I was just like "I only want 1/10th of the number they have- what do they do for a living???"

Sunday was Zest Fest in Fort Worth. I wasn't that excited about it before I went, and during I was even less excited. A whole lot-a hot salsa's to sample made my stomach severly upset. I was surprised after only having gone down one aisle Gonzo threw in the towel and said "no more, I'm done" we just wandered amongst the 100s of others that were there until we had seen everything. Not all that exciting.
Saturday night Gonzo and I did paint up some more panels to hopefully either sell as is, or pinstripe and then sell. Hopefully I'll remember to grab the camera cord while at lunch, or I'll bring it tomorrow and upload some pretty photos.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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