Thursday, December 07, 2006

just a post for now

here's a new pic....just finished...I've been busy knitting so I haven't had a chance to draw anything lately. Maybe I'll post pictures of the convertible mittens I've been working so hard on. :P

Friday, November 03, 2006

"Pinwheel with Mistake"

Yeah that's right, that's the name of this one. There's really a mistake in it- I dare you to look for it ... it's actually pretty obvious if you ask me, but on this black paper it's really hard to see lines that exsist and which lines you've already erased (actually it's really easy to see the lines that you've erased). So I actually screwed up without realizing it until I was already done with one color and moving to the next- I actually laughed out loud and then cursed the whole thing. But I think it doesn't look so bad ... who knows, if I do enough of these maybe I can actually sell them to someone?

What do you think? Any comments, besides the obvious mistake?

Painting progress

Picture #1:

This is how my painting started out ... my appologies for the lighting on all of these pictures, it's really hard to get a good picture when lighting in apartments sucks so bad.

I started drawing this for my mom. She wanted a flower painting for her room and didn't want to spend a crap load of $$ on a painting that I could do for her for free ... you gotta love being related to an artist, right?


This is after I had gone over most of the painting with highlights and shadows ... Since I wasn't working from anything that I could see, but mearly my imagination it's hard to figure out where to go and what to do.

So between the first picture and this one is several weeks. Did I mention this is a mamoth painting? It's going to take me forever to finsih!

Picture #3:

So this is today ... 3 months after I began work on this painting. I added some more shadow to it.

I've got some flowers to go by now to get shadows and shapes and what-not. I'll be happy to see how all of this turns out. I'm actually growing quite fond of this painting myself, since it's been sitting on an eisel for 3 months in my dinning room/office.

It's funny, painting is not my strong suit. I can actually only work on this painting for about an hour before I get bored and go "hey, what's this feeling? Can it be that I actually want to draw something???" So yeah ... see next post, I've got another one of those great little geometric drawings ...

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Here's the latest art work, it's titled "Sunflower". I was know that happens quite frequently when you're unemployed ;)

So I started drawing, and the ruler and protractor were calling my name, so the geometric drawings that started this blog out came out again.

Again, it's on that amazing black paper and prismacolor colored pencils were my weapon of choice :P

I am having a lot of fun doing these drawings. I never know how their going to end up when I start them. I never know which color I'm going to use next until I see how the last one looked. It's weird to not have to plan out an entire drawing to see how it's going to look, but to just go with the flow and enjoy whatever decides to show itself. I originally, before I even ripped the piece of paper out of the book, wanted to draw a yellow and orange sunflower...instead it ended up being shades of yellow with browns and some reds. I think it turned out pretty neat.

I guess if I can't find a job the least I can do is draw something that makes me smile. :)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

something new for me

It's finished...that landscape on black paper I was telling you about. Yeah, it's done. It's quite abstract now that I look at it. Colored pencil is much different than paint, and gives a totally different effect, in my opinion. The drawing was inspired by a landscape photograph taking from the book 'American Landscape' by David Muench. There are lots and lots of really interesting photographs in the book, this one just kind of caught my eye as something that might look good on this black paper that I went raving about in the last post.

According to the book the photo is of a "summer storm, easter slope of Sierra Nevada, California".
I did use my trusty good 'ol Prismacolor Colored Pencils to complete the drawing. It was fun, and a little odd doing a drawing like this. The blue turned out much bluer that I though it would, especially after scanning in the drawing; wow-za!

Alright, back to the drawing pun intended.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Black Paper

So this black paper that I used in the first two posts of this blog has really become something that interests me...or at least gives me a different idea for drawing. I'm currently working on another drawing...this time in colored pencil (Prismacolor Colored pencils and black paper looks amazing), and it's a landscape-something I've never actually attempted to draw (paint yes, never draw). I have a coffee table book with some amazing photographs of landscapes, it's called "American Landscapes"- In it there are some beautiful stormy sunrises and sunsets and I'm attempting to recreate one of these pictures in colored far it looks alright. I don't want to post it yet- although to actually be able to see the process and step-by-step nature of art work is pretty sweet...I'm actually doing that now with a painting(taking pictures as I go so I can post the entire process of the painting once I'm done with it- that should be awhile). But I just felt like saying a little something about this black paper. Change the color of the background your working with and sometimes that's all you need to get a boost and have the creative juices flowing...instead of staring at a white void wondering what's going to pop up. So that's that. That's all I really wanted to say. Black paper rocks. -end of message-

Sunday, October 15, 2006

old work, new inspirations?

Ok, so the last post, while I believe it's acurate, and can definitly see my grandad, I have been told his daughter. a.k.a. my mom. She seems to think that it doesn't, and to each his own, maybe because I drew it I see something others can't, but she seems to think it doesn't look like him at all, so I'm going to attempt to re-draw it...not now, but later.

But after being given that critisim, it made me want to post up another picture that I received some critisim on from my dad, of all people:

Yes, it's a dragon, and my dad actually told me I drew the scales wrong. When was the last time he saw a dragon? I mean I know he's old, but if he's actually seen a dragon then he's way older than I thought, and he was definitley a craddle robber when he married my mom. :P

Anyway, this is one of my favorite drawings that I've done. Yes I know it's missing a wing, but I like it that way, I don't know why, but it makes me want to look at the picture longer I guess. Plus it gives me ideas for more creative drawings that I need to draw, more magical and mystical creatures and beings that stories have been told about and I've always had some sort of vision of but never seen anyone draw it quiet like I see it in my head. We'll see what comes of it...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

a month...

Alright, I have officially disgraced my own blog...I was supposed to post something every week...yet, it's been a month since I posted any comments and even longer since I posted art work. I'm shocked!
But alas, I'll save you the pointless excuses and post something that I just finished moments ago...

I should be posting something else this week (I say that, but I wouldn't keep my fingers crossed).

This piece is called "Grandad". It's actually a portrait of my grandad Oscar, my mom's dad. He passed away back in August 1989. He was my all-time favorite relative. I have lots of great memories of him, most of them make me laugh or at least smile. This drawing has been long over-due.

It was completed with a 2B pencil, today, October 10th, 2006.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

post? You want a post?

Ok, my appologies (Titan), for my lack of posting. I think I had explained in my last post why I haven't posted...and a matter of hours I'm leaving for Wisconsin for visiting old friends and family. It should be great fun...I'm hoping. Maybe I'll sketch something while I'm away and post it when I get back...But if it means anything I have started a 2D ball bounce...does that count? It's not done...but I'll finish it and post it sometime when I get back.
Again...sorry for the lack of posting...I promise pretty pictures when I come back from vacation. :P

Monday, September 04, 2006

Let the Excuses begin's that time. The excuses for not posting all week are here...Yipee!!! Ok, seriously, I've been busy. You know, relaxing. Hanging out with friends, working on figuring out how this unemployment gig works and what not. That and I stumbled upon (ok, really I was approached), to do some free lance work, so my time has been tied up this week. I won't be able to post any of the free lance goodies, but I promise I'll get back to posting something new in a little while....something way more creative than the geometric-what-ever-the-crap-that-is, stuff. :D

Sunday, August 27, 2006

:) maybe it's called procrastination

ok, so I think maybe I was wrong about motivation ... maybe. Either that or this geometrical - what - ever - it - is, is turning into a series of drawings.

It was really relaxing to draw and color. Stress free and what-not. I promise that I'll post something a little less...geometrical next time...unless it's an animated ball bounce, in which's a circle or a sphere...and last time I checked, that was a geometrical figure.

I'm working on a painting as well...I'll post the progress on that as I have time.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

did i find the motivation?

I know what you're thinking
... "How ... interesting" ...? hehe! Yeah I know, sometimes to get in the mood to draw something, I need to do something a little less like something I normally draw and let my mind wonder for a little while. This lovely piece decided to tackle the other day, when I was out sick from work. So it's actually quite amazing that I could even color between the lines since I was out sick with pink eye. (Anyone know what a pain it is...a literal concentrate on something like drawing, or watching TV for that matter, when it feels like sandpaper on the inner part of your eye lid, scraping away layer upon layer off of your eyeball?)

But anyway, I attempted this after remembering a fond memory of when I was in Junior High (or Middle School as the northerners like to call it). I used a protractor, a ruler and Prismacolor colored pencils. Don't look too close, because you'll probably find that the pink eye effected me more than it should have (lines are where they aren't supposed to be, symetry was not a big plan in this particular drawing...although using a protractor and ruler it should have been :P ). Honestly it was a nice get away from the drawings I usually do.

Speaking of finding my motivation: I'll post the finish product when it's finished, but I am working on an acrylic painting for my mom. She wants flowers...of various pinks and purples- she basically said "pinks, greens, purples and know what I like". Yeah...sure I know what she's talking about... :0 We'll see how that turns out :P

But I should be able to find the time to post more since Friday (tomorrow) will be my last day at work (DNA Productions). The company is downsizing due to the fact that "The Ant Bully" did so poorly in theaters. But I have a feeling it won't take them long to bounce back and then I'll be getting that fantastic phone call saying "hey, can you come back?" Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic to be getting some time off and being able to actually work on my drawings, and, that last thought almost skipped my brain completely- I knew there was something else I should be working on...animating...ah. I'll let the pink eye heal first :P Man do I love to procrastinate.

Friday, August 18, 2006


So my motivation for drawing has been lacking. My motivation for painting...has been lacking so bad I haven't painted anything in I don't know how long. But more importantly, my motivation for animating...the thing I went to school for, the one thing I used to live and breathe for, I haven't worked on in well over a year and it's about time I got my act together. So by creating this blog I figure that I'll be able to hold myself accountable if I don't post something art related at least once a week. At least that will give me the motivation to say "hey, I'm going to stop being a lazy-ass and do something so I can make myself proud (...of myself...?)."

Seriously, it starts this weekend. No more laziness. No more TV time (you know, except for the news...and some cartoons...and my Animaniacs DVD...and uh...Gilmore Girls. Maybe some Grey's Anatomy...but after that, no more TV time). I'm going to be hard core about this. No time for family on the weekends, no going Damn it! See that's what caused this whole downward spiral of nothingness.

I will be starting this weekend, I've already got my sketchbook on hand for when I do venture into the light of day, whether it be eating, or going to the book store to pretend like I want to buy something, I'll be sketching whom-ever, and where ever. And when I'm at home, I'm plopping myself in front of either my animation table or the computer- dag-nab-it.