Monday, May 30, 2016

Nobody Panic: Knitting and a drawing

I couldn't go thru the month of May and not post something.

I've been busy. I have been working on stuff.

Here's the Koolhaas hat I did in a blue color.

And the Orange Shawl I'm working on (Part of the Toshstrology Collection: Aries Shawlette in Tosh Merino Light: Toshstrology-March ' can join the Toshstrology collection on Ravelry $15 (I believe that's the cost) gets you 12 months of patterns- they come out monthly, so we're all on May right now.)
And of course the completed drawing of my baby niece (which is a year over due so she's way cuter now)
I had been nominated this past week to post 7 pieces of art for 7 days and nominate people daily to do the same (on social media, not on the blog)...I nominated 6 people and I think only 2 people opted in, and only 1 is actually carrying it out past day 2, so yeah. I'm still proud of myself for doing it every day. I've been in a funk recently and the challenge helped pull me out of it. I completed the drawing of my niece and started another drawing that is long over due.

I've got another drawing that has to be completed relatively soon, so I've got to get started. Fingers crossed, June will have way more posts than May :)