Monday, September 29, 2008

Another baby- it's not mine

This baby is totally laying down, the picture is flipped upright so you can see the me, if I posted the picture of it on it's side you would be thinking the drawing looked really retarded anyway.

THIS, is not a commissioned piece. I'm drawing because I'm bored.

I keep re-typing this paragraph, and it never makes sense. So I will leave you simply with:

I drew a few things on Friday, I need to scan them and post (I'm lazy), On Saturday I went on an Art Supply Store binge, but only bought things at one store and not very much- We must be in a depression because that is just depressing. Sunday I knitted 10 rows on my sock, can someone please explain to me why my fingers and hands hurt so bad after 10 rows? Arthritis at 26? Oh yeah, and my mom and dad (my dad=the glue king) made a cupcake pin cushion for me this weekend...I'll take pics and post later. When my mom finishes my quilt (you know in December of 2012), I'll take pictures and post it as well. :P (just kidding mom, but quit breaking things and get to work on it, would you??? My lap is cold! HA! Totally kidding! Love you!)

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