Monday, November 30, 2009


...I'm still excited about the Funky Finds Spring Fling- but what is it with Mondays???!!!

My "day" job is exhausting today- and quite frankly people need to tone it down with the yelling. I mean seriously. I know it's the time of year when people fall off their rocker with anger and hatred while telling everyone what a great time of year it is, but can you save some of the yelling for your family members the next time you see them? And how do people get to the age of 30 and not grasp the concept of being put on hold? Just because you don't want to hear a repeated message more than twice doesn't mean you can hit "0" and then proceed to scream at me. I just want to scream back "Get a clue genious!" Actually I'd like to throw in a whole slew of curse words, but I'm calming down a bit now. If it's not the phone yellers is the co-worker yellers who treat me like I'm 5. I would just like to say- yes I know what my job is- I do what I'm told, if you have a problem with that, perhaps you should find the person who told me to do whatever it is that has upset you and go yell at them. I'm done.

Someone hand me a giant sum of money, because I want to disappear for a very long period of time and just draw- away from...everyone for a bit. Lord knows I could use some awesome "away" time to get more drawings ready for the Funky Finds Spring Fling in March. Anyone decide that they'd like to visit my booth yet?

Funky Finds 2010

Exciting news!!!!! In March 2010 I will be attending (as a vendor) the Funky Finds Spring Fling in Ft. Worth, TX!!!!
You can follow the link above for more information about the event...and you can definitely keep tabs on any updates here on the blog, because I'm sure I'll be talking about it.
This will be my first ever event. I will be sharing a booth with my friend Tania and her wonderful business The Curious Cake Shoppe. So please stop by and see her wonderful daiper cakes and baby accessories while you are there!
I haven't 100% committed to what all I'm going to be selling yet. But I do know that I'll have some original drawings available, as well as prints of some of the more recent drawings I have done.
So mark your calendars! Saturday March 13, 2010!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Rhonda and Kason"

I did draw today! I must be feeling slightly better then, huh?

This is Rhonda and her new son Kason. I got to see them in person when I went to WI in October. Rhonda has/had no idea I was drawing this for her. I've drawn countless other portraits for her of her with her first born, Natalie. Of her husband Jon with Natalie, and several of Natalie and one of Natalie and her other son Gavin.
I saw this photo on her facebook page and had to draw it. It's such a sweet picture.
I just posted it to my fan page on facebook and tagged her and Jon in it, so it should only be a day or so before I hear back as to whether or not she likes it. Hopefully she does.

This actually isn't the only picture I drew today, but I can't reveal the other one until after you'll just have to wait. :) Happy Pre-Friday!

where's the drawings?

I know, I said I would post drawings this week...the thumb is better (although it looks crooked). Gonzo came down with H1N1 last Thursday night and on Friday I was feeling none-to-well. I don't have H1N1, I have some rediculous virus that's been going around the DFW area alot lately. Sore throat, running/stuffy nose, cough, headache, body aches...just some not fun stuff. So I've been dealing with that the last few days and haven't had my head in the game to do any drawings. Sorry!!!

But I did download a cool app for my ipod called "Brushes" so I can do a little finger doodeling while I'm at work, or in bed or whatever. Whenever I figure out how to export it to photoshop I'll post some of them (I've done one...really bad one so far).

Anyway. That's all for now. Maybe I'll feel better this weekend and can get out at least one drawing, huh? Cool.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I have had comments!!!! AHHHHH!!!!

This morning while checking my email I noticed for the 5th time this week (it's only Wednesday) that I've had an email notification telling me that someone posted a comment on this blog. Unfortunately they haven't been the kind of comments I want to see- spam. Or advertisments. That crap drives me insane.

But while searching thru my blog posts I noticed that I have had comments in the past on several of my posts that are from people I don't know, and it's not spam!!! How exciting! (truly that is exciting for me, I thought only friends and family read this thing- it's awesome to know that other people have written to me about something I posted) I would like to say that for the longest time I wasn't receiving notifications when people would comment, so after I would post a new blog I would never go back and look to see if people were commenting or not...then I fixed that and started receiving notifications...

So for everyone who has posted something and I never replied or said anything back or even commented on it- I'm so so sorry!!!! I appreciate you all taking the time to read the mindless drivel that I type on here. Although according to Lali when she commented on August 6th, 2008, she said "You write very well." which made me smile. Thank you!!!! And I'm so sorry for the late reply!
knitnthings actually replied to several of my posts on knitting and I feel like a complete moron for never checking those comments because I really thought no one cared about my knitting. On October 27, 2008 you replied to a post about the ugliest sock and told me not to be so hard on it. You were absolutely right. After I finished the second one they became one of my favorite pair of socks to wear...I still wear them to this day! Thanks for the vote of confidence in my knitting. Also you posted about giving the mittens that I was trying to give away at one point a good home. If I can remember which pair of mittens those were (I'm sure that I still have them in a ziplock baggie somewhere)- you are more than welcome to them. Leave me another comment if you still want them- I'll figure out where they are and we'll work things out on how to get them to you.
Also Beste wrote several times(no link to a website), one of which I saw, the other one hidden away in November 26, 2008 I did not see until this morning. You asked what medium I would be using on the Octopus sculpture I was going to do...HA! Yes. The Octopus sculpture that I never got around to making. Epic fail! But thanks for reminding me!!! Perhaps that will be on the list of things to get to in 2010. But to answer your question- I'll be using (probably), Sculpey clay- probably a neutral color (or the kind that comes in the green box), and after I'm done baking it, I'll paint it with acrylics. We'll see. I'm actually going to be knitting an octopus sometime soon (it'll get done before the clay one will)
If anyone else posted comments that I didn't reply to here (other than Titan, Taniamc, or Bryan, or my parents), please let me know and I'll answer your questions or reply to your awesome words that you left in a comment somewhere on this blog (Titan, Taniamc, Bryan and my parents- you all are welcome to post comments too, I'll reply to everyone I promise!)...unless of course you're one of the jerks that keep spamming my comments, or leaving crap about ulcers and nothing to do with this blog. For those of you that do that, well in my humble opinion- you all can just drop off the face of the earth for all I'm concerned (at least drop out of the internet- you don't have anything of interest to say here).
I promise to check my comments more! I'm so sorry!!! But thank you everyone who is looking and reading and commenting (even the ones reading and not commenting, I appreciate that you stop by!)

P.S. The thumb is better (still bruised), so I'll be getting some stuff up here asap!

Monday, November 09, 2009

The hazards of moving a freezer

Dear people who are expecting drawings or knitted goods,

How have you been?

On Saturday I was helping Gonzo move a freezer into the house, and in the 10 short feet it took to unload it from the vehicle and attempt to get it in the house, I managed to smash my right hand into the corner of the door, thus shoving the freezer into the other side of my hand...right at the thumb.
In case you weren't aware- my right hand is my drawing hand...and without a thumb it's very difficult to knit.
My thumb is bruised, but I can move it slightly- not enough to hold a pencil though. I'm pretty sure it's not broken. But who knows what I really did. It hurts today.
While I have been unable to get your drawing done, I am now saddened to say that it may be awhile before you get a drawing, or a pair of knitted mittens, as the thumb hurts.
I will update you the minute the bruising has gone and the pain subsides. Hopefully by the end of the week.
Thank you for your patience.

the thumb cripple

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

ah November.... most November's go, you will probably start seeing a lot less posting from me, as I won't be able to show you very much of what I'm working on...being that it's all probably gifts and what nots, that can't be seen until they are opened- and I usually tend to forget to post pictures after a month of waiting- so the likelyhood that you'll see anything on here that I actually worked on for the holiday season is slim to none- but I'll work on that...make a list of stuff to post after December 25th.
Then it'll be like Christmas on the blog! Well for me it won't be, but for my loyal readers (all 2 of you- well one if you count my followers- I know there's more silently hiding, it's cool) it will be. :)
I am working on stuff, don't you worry. Between drawings that have been requested and other crafty things I'm working on to give to family and friends for Christmas I'll be busy.

Oh yeah, the November 1st deadline for requesting drawings has passed!!! OH NO!!!! Don't worry, if you requested something by that deadline- have no fears- it will totally be done and shipped by 12/24/09. If you didn't get your request in by the deadline, feel free to send me an email: and we can discuss how you can still go about obtaining a drawing by 12/24/09...just don't wait until 12/24 or 12/23 or even any day after 12/01 for that matter. (If you are requesting a drawing that has nothing to do with Christmas or a winter holiday- please disregard and send in your requests like normal.

That's all for now :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Baby Dear

I meant to post this on Friday night...and then on Saturday...and even on Sunday- but it was a very lazy weekend and I did not get onto a computer at all after 5pm on Friday.

Here's the baby dear I drew last Friday while at work.

Not much to say about it. I like the way dear look, and how graceful they can be- but having grown up in Wisconsin, I also know the horrible side of these suicidal creatures and their clumseyness around traffic. I wish they would be born with a gene in them to recognize a motorized vehicle as dangerous and to run away from it, instead of into it or in it's path.

Anyway, I completed this drawing using HB, B, 2B, 4B, and 6B pencils. Total drawing time was around 3 hours.