Monday, March 31, 2008

sketches, oh sketches

Back flipping Mermaid-
I'm on a fish kick...or maybe it's a zero gravity kick...I really don't know.

I don't even know if you can really tell that this is a back flipping mermaid or not. I'm going to paint it in photoshop so that should help it out a bit.

See what I'm saying about being on a fish kick?

This was the second drawing I did last week that had fins in it. The mermaid was the 3rd.

I think this all spawned from seeing a friends' cell phone charm. She has a Koi fish made of metal or something that she had with her when we went to Houston and I just kept thinking how pretty Koi are, and how much I haven't thought of them as a subject for a drawing because I'm completely oblivious.

Sorry Mr. D- I've done you wrong. BE OBSERVANT he always said. And he wasn't kidding. I need to be more observant. These fish are out of my head, I didn't look at anything to draw, they all remind me of the 3 eyed fish from The Simpsons.

And here's the first one that started it all.
I started a sketchbook journal. I actually found the one that I started back in 2005, and just started drawing where I left off. I guess in 2005 I had made a New Years Resolution to draw everyday. I drew 2 days in a row...then didn't draw for 4 days, then drew one day...then I didn't have anything. It's great to see that I failed. I'm not holding myself to everyday.

As long as I draw, when I feel the need, then I don't see it as failing. I usually draw when I feel the need to write something. So it happened like everyday last week. I didn't post them all, because some of them were just in blue pencil and my scanner didn't pick it up. So you get the ones that at least have an outline.

I do intend to paint all of these in Photoshop...or perhaps I'll do larger versions on canvas and paint in acrylic. We'll see how it goes.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Scanning adventures

Ok, so this actually happened 2 days ago, but I'm going to pretend like it happened last night, since I said I was going to scan some stuff in, according to my post from last night anyway.

So for years, I have been a Microsoft/Windows girl. (ok, well in all honesty, in High School I thought computers were cheating, and shouldn't be touched with a 10 foot pole- I have since grown up and gotten with the program) My first computer was a Sony Viao laptop (I don't even know if I spelled that right, that's how long it's been)- and it wasn't even capable of handling any kind of internet that went faster than dial up (you know, pre 2000 dial up). While I was at the Art Institute, I purchased a rediculously expensive Gateway computer, that was supposed to be able to support any and every program known to man...and the sales man (never trust them) promised me it wouldn't be inferrior to anything else that came out for the next 5 years. The next month Gateway closed all of it's stores, and they had an even more badass computer sitting at Best Buy. Yeah, I'm a genious.
After getting...oh I don't know...50 or so viruses on my Gateway, I had had enough. So I recently purchased a Mac Book Pro. I'm not a mac girl. Well I am now, but purchasing it, I wasn't. Mac's are for all those hip kids that know what they're doing (or the simple minded, take your pick). The interface is so easy to use, that I find myself over-thinking things- and when I try to install a program, when it says "drag the icon to the desk top" I assume there are 10 steps after that to make sure the program is installed- so you can imagine my shock when the icon is on the desktop- AND IT ACTUALLY OPENS THE PROGRAM.

This leads me to "last night". (read first paragraph for explination of the use of " and ") I have a printer, that I've had for the last 2 years or so. It's been nicely attached to my virus eaten desktop (gateway- you suck!)- it is so new, that just by plugging the USB cord into my USB port on my mac- allows me to print. Just THAT EASY! So I assumed that my scanner would do the same thing.

Yeah not so much. (how do we spell assume???)

My computer wouldn't even recognize that anything was plugged in. Me of course living with an IT guy, felt that I should know some IT stuff, because if I'm sharing space with the IT guy, osmosis should take effect, right? Plus, I'm dating a guy who is also IT savey. (ok, the truth is, I ask those 2 for way too much help with my electronics, surely I can figure out how to get my scanner working, without buying a new one)

So I'm sitting there, just me, my laptop, and my scanner. I know David (boyfriend IT) has mentioned before about downloading drivers to get things to work. So I went searching on the glorious thing we call the internet. I found one. FANTASTIC! So I download it. I install it. I plug the scanner in. IT MAKES THE CALIBRATING SOUND!!! I was over joyed. But then I was like "um, wait- there should be a program opening with this". I can't just hit the scan button on the scanner...because it doesn't do anything.

So now I make a mad dash around my living area (keep in mind, I've lived at this place for 14 months now and STILL have boxes full of crap from when I moved), I'm going thru boxes left and right, then finally I find the label that I had stuck to my "computer, CDs, and other electronic crap" box. I found the label, not the box. So I had to attempt to find the unlabeled box.

Found it. Burried in the bottom is a CD for the scanner (keep in mind I've had 3 of these scanners, so I had to deduce that this was the correct scanner installer CD)

So I go to load it, and it loads. Everything loads and installs. I started doing a happy dance. I'M A GENIOUS!!! Then, I plugged in the scanner. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! An Error message pops up, telling me that a driver is incorrect or missing. Happy dance ends.

I sit there, thinking- and actually saying outloud to no one-"I knew I should have waited for David, or at the very least Greg" (Greg=IT roommate) I felt like a failure. That's what I get for buying a Mac. They make you feel so smart, and then you go and ruin the computer.

Ok, well all was not lost, and I had everything figured out in my head by the time David got there, who then just did exactly what I said- and POOF- it worked (you know, the whole installing the updated driver before installing the actual software does cause problems there amber...maybe you should have done that in reverse much for my genious status). I'm beginning to think my High School self had it right. Computers are cheating. My work computer cheats at Solitaire every day. Then again, it is a Windows machine.

So you should have more pretty sketches to look at before the end of the weekend. I say should, because if the scanner is working, the only things that will prevent me from posting them is my laziness, or if I decide to flee town for the weekend. Hopefully neither occurs.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

new drawing

Hopefully this actually shows up...I just finished this.
A co-worker commissioned me to draw this portrait...and 2 others previously.
I think of the 3 that I've done, this one is the best so far.

I've got some sketches that I need to scan and post up. Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to get an appropriate update I won't be leaving town. Not that I know of so far.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Naked Post

HA! Had to start you off slow here. . .

All of these drawings were done while I was attending The Art Institute of Dallas.
This first one, of the sleeping guy- yeah, he was fully naked, but lets just say after he plopped down in a chair facing me, spread eagle, I changed the position of my drawing tablet and proceeded to just draw his face.
I think I probably turned 8 shades of embarrassed when he sat down.

Drawing class was always interesting, and actually really fun. I learned alot from those classes.

This guy was naked for all of our drawing classes. I have sketches of him- more naked, but none that were that great looking- so I'm posting this instead.

The class for this one, was done outside of the building, so the guy wasn't naked, he was fully clothed, and it was cold and windy outside...hence his jacket, and wind-blown hair. He was a great model. Very personable, and never made the artists feel weird.

I think he still models at AID, I'm not sure though. I used to see him when I worked at The Angelika movie theater, and that was always a little awkward.

This is one of 2 female models that were in the classes. She's the only one I have any really good drawings of.

The teacher for this class had a Scottish accent and was full of himself. He was rather irritating, but it turned out I've worked with a lot of people like him, which is really sad, because their always the people at the top of the companies.

And here she is again. She complained about this drawing when she took a break from sitting.

In my defense- models move...they don't stay in one place, so sometimes it's really hard to get the proportions of everything correct.

This girl was extremely pretty, and one of the guys in my class, I remember, had the hugest crush on her, and he refused to draw her body- out of respect to her, so he would sit there for 3 hours and just draw her face. The same day she told me she didn't like this drawing, she also told that guy that she didn't look anything like his drawing, and she was offended that he wasn't drawing her correctly. He was so upset, I think he actually ended up dropping that class.

I honestly don't remember drawing this one. I think it might have been the first one I did. I just remember the guys in that first drawing class being all giggly and retarded about it. "Oh my god, a naked chick!"...and then when the next class was a naked guy they would all flip out and couldn't figure out what part of the model they could draw without feeling weird.

I actually kind of miss the Life Drawing classes. It was always entertaining, and I learned a crap ton about proportion, and a lot about the human anatomy. It's fun to learn how muscles work.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Drawing group anyone???

So, between phone calls, entering in invoices and what not- I surf the web...while at work. Lately I've been wanting to join at "group"- you know, for social interaction, and to make a few new good friends. I thought about joining a knitting group, but then realized most of the women that attend those meetings (minus the badass, but never could quite get it together, group at DNA during lunch hours), will all some how resemble my mom- or have 10 kids, and want to share pictures. No offense people with kids, or older females...I really want to learn how to knit with people my own age. (I know I can learn a lot from older people- but it's something of a "bonding" thing that I'm craving- a need for new age!- or at least a few years younger and up to 10 years older...I don't have a whole lot in common with 50 year olds...other than knitting.)

And then I thought- "Hey, I should join a drawing group" I looked on google, and most of the groups that were listed have all since been disbanded, or don't meet anymore. FANTASTIC! Then I looked up "sketch artist DFW area" (because I've also been toying with the idea of looking into becoming a sketch artist for a police department...because, well...some of those sketched portraits that have been shown on the news lately are appalling, and are beginning to look more and more like aliens from outer space), and up pops this group, that I know people from. Holy crap! I went to college with at least 2 of these people! So I'm thinking "sweet!" But then I read the blurb at the top and I'm like "damn it!", it says industry people and students, which currently I am neither. It's great to see that I'm such a dissappointment to my college degree!!!

So basically, I feel like an idiot trying to join up with a group that's industry people and students. It's not even the fact that I'm not in the industry doing "something" with my degree. I just feel like I'd be stepping on toes and they'd be all like "hey, your that girl from huh?" I don't know, the whole awkwardness of it all just makes my skin crawl. But it's people I know, so it should be comfortable, right?

It's just a difficult decision. I want some new friends. Friends who share the same interests that I do. I think I have one good friend who has almost everything in common with me, and then a whole bunch of my boyfriends friends...who are cool, don't get me wrong- but they're his friends, so no need to go stepping on those toes. Maybe I should start my own group...

I have no idea where we could meet. But I provide some great company, and I'm totally cool if you need to cancel (because let's face it, I've been cancelling on some of my friends for the last 6 months...because I'm a loner). In fact, I need to cancel this weeks meeting, because...well..just because.

No seriously, If anyone is out there, anywhere, who wants to join a drawing group, let me know- even if it has to be a blog posting (like a weekly art posting), then fine- it's something. It's interaction, and motivation. Crafters are welcome to share their knowledge...and you know what, it doesn't matter what age, if you're able to create something...BRING IT ON! Comment, or send me an email:

Thanks for reading.

Monday, March 03, 2008

The Biggest Update ever... big it requires multiple posts (#5)

These are just a few of the knitted goods I've been working on. These 3 pairs of hand knitted fingerless mittens are up for sale on my website.

I've stopped adding the cover to these "mittens" because I have more fun just doing the fingerless part. But I will be happy to do a traditional Fingerless Mitten pair, if anyone would like to request some. Charges will be slightly more expensive than for just the fingerless mitten, but not too drastic.

Anyway, I do have more drawings to update, but this has become insanely large and overwhelming. I will post up some of my older artwork from The Art Institute some other time. But I will warn you, it's mostly figure drawing, so there will be nudity. I've also got some sock creatures that I've created over the last few months, but I haven't taken any pictures of them or anything. So once I do all of that I'll post them for everyone to see. I haven't decided if I want to start selling them or not. I just really like making them, and each one makes me laugh, so it would be pretty hard to part with them.

Ok, end of update for today. Thank you for your time.

The Biggest Update ever... big it requires multiple posts (#4)

Here is a drawing I did for my boyfriends' friends. He went to High School with the girl in the picture, and introduced her to her husband.

But I completed this sometime early in January. I was attempting to get it finished for Christmas, but technically I wasn't commissioned by the people in the picture or any relatives to do the drawing, my boyfriend actually wanted me to do it for them as a present (an "anytime" present). Besides, my last week leading up to Christmas was taken up by doing the following drawing:

This was a late Christmas request, but I still managed to get it done within a week- delivered to the people a day or 2 after Christmas. This is "Bailey The Boxer", it was done on 11" x 14" paper I believe. The reason it's a rosey/off white color is due to the fact that I had to take a photo of it with my digital camera, because I have a small scanner.
I still have issues with the face and eyes, but the people loved the drawing.

The Biggest Update ever... big it requires multiple posts (#3)

The Old Stuff:

This is a copy of an acrylic painting of a baby duck in a tree that I did my Senior year of High School. The original sold, so all I have left to take pictures of is the copy.

And to the right is a watercolor, of a baby duck that was in a High School art show- also my senior year. (I went threw a bird phase) I might actually put this one up for sale shortly, but haven't decided.

To the left is a drawing/painting that I'm quite proud of. I have a friend whose parents kept chickens in a coupe behind their house. I took a picture in black and white and then decided it would look pretty sweet drawn out. Thus we have what is to the left. I drew the chickens with a 2B Pencil, and red colored pencil. The barn and all of the background is done with watercolor. However, the fence in the foreground is actually the white of the paper. I used a Frisket/masking solution before I started drawing or painting. The Frisket actually seals off the paper from preventing any color from sticking to those spots, and then once you are done, you rub it looks like boogers when you're done rubbing it off.

And here is a fantastic portrait of myself done from a black and white drawing taken while I was in my drawing class my Junior year of High School. I actually loved this drawing when I completed it...however I've since done several drawings that look way better (no matter how retarded I may look in the drawing)


That's me, breathing fire, with goofy glasses on my head, where there's a stick figure standing and an airplane attempting to crack the glasses. I think I was a Junior or Senior when I did that....not really sure.

Oh man, and this is me, drawn from a tiny tiny mirror- during my first semester at The Art Institute of Dallas...back in my eye brow piercing phase. This was actually done on like 18" x 24" paper, it's freakin' huge.

The Biggest Update ever... big it requires multiple posts (#2)

This is the other pencil drawing that I want to paint in photoshop (which is what I used to paint the mermaid-gotta love layers). It's a sleeping "Beast" (Lion or something), and a girl with a rope around the "Beasts" neck. I'll post updates, you know, when I finish it, and well- when I remember to post about a year or so...

The Biggest Update ever... big it requires multiple posts (#1)

Remember this gem? Way back last spring/summer I posted this, saying that I was going to color it. Well I did, and never posted up the finished product.

So I thought it was about time to post it- there's actually 2 versions. so here they go:

This first one to the Right is the "dark" version. I kind of like it more than the other version because the dark background makes the other colors Pop.

Here is the "Light" version. While this was the original way I started to paint it, I just couldn't get past the light background color, plus, a true mermaid would obviously live further under the sea than light can get to, so it only made sense to throw that mer-girl in the darkness.


I have stuff to post. I'm just lazy. But I wanted to post, that I do have stuff, since it's been almost a month since I posted ANYTHING.
I have several craft projects (the mittens I've been working on can be found up for sale on my website), that I've been working on. A few drawings, and all of my old work from High School and college, I finally went threw it all and took pictures. So I promise I will fill the next posts with color and sketches.
I've been getting a lot accomplished due to the fact that I can work on it at work. Which I am eternally grateful for that the head guys let me do that here. For those of you who don't know, or haven't read the previous blogs, A Shade Better Than Stick Figures- while it is my passion and my obvious choice for career path, it is not my full time gig. I do work 40 hours a week as a receptionist. So, with that said, I'm currently at work, updating this blog, while all of my art-work and pictures are on my computer at home. Which by the time I get home at night, I'm usually pretty tired and don't want to look at a computer screen.
But I WILL post up soon. I will make the time. But in the mean time, if you all are looking for something hilarious to read visit this blogger be prepared to laugh out loud.

Until the next post...