Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wise words will not come easily

I haven't been in the mood to do anything recently. I call it the "calm before winter"... yeah...ok...maybe I don't, that sounds really lame.

There are a grand total of 5 drawings I need to get done...or more like, I need to get started on at least 3 of them, and finish the two that are nearly completed!

I have a barely started painting that's been in the works for over 3 weeks now...a pair of socks I've been knitting on since April or was it March (but I've already turned the heel so I'm half way there!)?

I just received my Yarnbox (if you aren't aware of what that is, and you love yarn or knitting or crochet, then please go here. You can curse me later), so of course that makes me want to immediately start knitting something and ignore the socks...but I'm determined to have will power...I will finish my socks first!!!!

Speaking of mail order boxes (is that what they are calling them?), I'm currently into two: Lootcrate and of course, the already mentioned, Yarnbox. There's a zillion others that my facebook newsfeed tries to remind me of every day...but I'm limiting myself to these two guilty pleasures...for now.

Lootcrate feeds my inner child, with vinyl toys I can decorate my desk with, without going into debt surfing Kidrobot's website (I'm not even going to link that one...it's trouble- I had an almost addiction to vinyl toys a few years back...circa 2007 it looks like- I stopped cold turkey and haven't been back in years...but every time I smell a freshly opened box containing a piece of vinyl I have to inhale deeply...). There's sometimes a comic book or some trinket from a card game or tv show...it's good times...I'm over here, as I type this, admiring my golden Buddha....yeah maybe I should stop there in case people haven't opened theirs yet. If you like Pokemon you are in for a BIG treat this month (I'm not into Pokemon but I was pretty ecstatic about it.)

Yarnbox, I'm fairly new to it...meaning this month is my first box. I received two lovely lovely lovely skeins of the most perfect color yarn they could have sent. No joke, I don't even know if that's a lucky coincidence or if they are mind readers...seriously perfect for me (Teresa Ruch Designs- hand dyed yarn...that's all I'll say). Not to mention 3 knitting patterns and a simple crochet stitch pattern. I'd post pictures, but I really don't want to spoil it for anyone else.

I like the whole mystery behind these mail order boxes. You don't know what you are going to get...but if you are even slightly interested, each box you receive is like opening a fantastic present.

If I find a decent art/drawing mail order box, we're all in trouble.  

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Knitted Pie?

I haven't been posting!!! I know! I'd say it was laziness, but that's not it. 
I've been doing some baking...I've made 2 pies in two weeks along with some other sweets. Lemon Meringue is apparently my pie.
In other news, I finished that sweater I think I've mentioned a time or two...
It's being blocked here, and shocker, it doesn't fit me. Well, it sort of fits me, but isn't flattering at all, so I won't be wearing it any time soon. Back to knitting socks, I go.