Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last day of April

Seeing as how it's April 30th, and I've only supplied you with 2 drawings this month, I felt the need to get on here and explain myself and promise you more in May.

#1. I didn't have any requests besides the house drawing in April, so I didn't have to produce drawings like I have in the past.
#2. I did abandon a drawing of a baby- but it wasn't a requested drawing, nor did the intended receipient know anything about it. She's a friend, and I will draw something for her in the future.
#3. I've been going thru a creative "meaning of life" mind set this month. Everything I start to draw I question. I begin wondering why I'm even drawing anymore, as it seems that anyone who wanted a drawing has already requested one. Or why I draw cars or houses or landscapes when I really enjoy drawing people and animals. This month I have managed to answer those questions- and you'll be happy to know that I'm blaming the lack of requests on the economy, and the reason I draw 'anything' is because I can...simple- I'm not going to over think it.
#4. I have an idea for something new I want to try in the coming months- so bare with me while I try to make it work (that may mean a week or two where I don't post anything, but that doesn't mean I won't have some stuff to show you after the absense.
#5. In May, I plan on doing more drawings, as well as what was mentioned in #4. I'm also getting bit by the knitting bug again (see, warmer weather is approaching, and the knitting side of me takes over) if you don't see drawing posts, I'm sure you'll see some knitting posts. Hello, Christmas is right around the corner- have to get started on those presents now!

Anyway, I'm not sure why I made a list with numbers, but whatever. It's the last day of April, and I feel really bad for not posting more art work. This was just a really weird month, full of lots of boredom and free time- however I feel exhausted. I'll push thru it all in May and have some stuff to show you.

Sorry for slacking off.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

E.N.'s House

Title: E.N.'s house

Date Began: 04/10/09

Date Completed: 04/27/09

Media: H, 4H, 2H, 2B, B, 2B pencils on white paper

Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Description: A co-worker of mine decided I needed a challenge, so he showed me a picture of the house he grew up in and asked me to draw it for him. Houses are difficult to draw- I can tell you that now. He claims that it looks exactly like his house- which I'm happy about. This was the first house I've ever drawn. It took me several tries, several curse words, and lots of practice with my eraser to complete this. I know I said in an earlier post, that I didn't want to draw houses again. I re-tract that. I don't want to make houses my focus, or number one thing that I draw. But I would love to draw a house some other time. I think with all of the trial and error I did with this one, I can say- I figured out how to do it a little easier next time.

And because this is only the 2nd drawing I completed in the month of April- I can officially say that I guess April was my vacation month. Hopefully in May I'll have some more goodies to draw and display for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back from one of the most rockin' vacations I've had in a long time! However I have no way to share any pictures with you, as I forgot my camera and cord for my camera at home. Epic Fail!

Anyway. I don't have any art to show you...well I do, but it's all in my sketchbook, or on my camera, or I haven't scanned it yet. I haven't finished the house I mentioned before. It's all sorts of technical, and involves a ruler and getting things "exact" and well...difficult. I don't like drawing houses. But I will finish this one soon...and when I'll get to see the finished product.

While on vacation, Gonzo and I attended Lonestar Roundup in Austin Texas. Holy crap, do I love that city! I love the culture, and attitude down there. I love the art and the crazyness. The people are friendly and great (minus the drunk guy throwing punches at the air). And even the traffic is tolerable because of all of the scenery. Hill country, it's the best!
But back to Lonestar Roundup. Creativity was flowing while we were there. I got to be all dolled up like a pin-up girl, wearing the curls in my hair and sporting some fake eyelashes. With all of the other creative people there it just set my mind a-buzz. I've got so many ideas going thru my head I'll probably never get to them all, but I did take my sketchbook and sketched out a few things to work on at a later date. Even threw down a few tattoo designs (no worries mom, none for me).
It's really a drag to be back from vacation, and back to the normal daily routine...but then again, I'm so much closer to my art supplies I can start getting to work on some greatness.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update of nothingness

I don't have anything to update, really. I'm working on a drawing of a house- which I haven't done any buildings before, so it's proving to be really tricky. I'm also working on a sketchbook pro drawing as a joke for a friend, but I'm not really putting a whole lot of effort into it, because I'm sure the moment he sees it he'll throw it away, or delete it or destroy it somehow.

The art business has been slow I'm taking it all in, and perhaps starting something a little different with my creative side.

Oh yeah- I'm out for a 4 day weekend starting on Friday, so don't expect any more updates this week.

But I'm updating today because I haven't updated in a week. There you go- I'm slacking off, that's my update :)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

My first doodle using Sketchbook Pro! Woot!

Seriously, this is probably farther than I've ever gotten on a digital drawing using a computer program. This was all from scratch, no beginning drawing or anything.

I really enjoyed doing this and it didn't take very long to complete at all. I think I really only worked on it for about 4 hours total.

I was worried about Sketchbook Pro at first. As, I didn't know where anything was. And I'm so used to Photoshop that it was hard to get used to the tools at first- but they are incredible. I don't know if I'll use Photoshop to make any other digital drawings like this, as Sketchbook Pro was just so easy. It really was like opening a sketchbook and then just going to town. I love it.

FYI, I didn't use any layers on this either...which was a new thing for me...and also explains the sloppy look. But I kind of dig it. Getting out of my pencil and paper comfort zone!

I think I may borrow a few topics from to do some more. I really enjoyed doing this. Just wanted to share!


My friend Alec had his birthday on Saturday, and I had been working on his munny since November, although he had no idea.

This little guy was inspired when Alec bought his VW Rabbit. Him and his girlfriend do a lot of car shows. I did her munny SOY SOS, inspired by her car awhile back (black munny with red flowers and silver outlines). She was trying to convince Alec that he needed to name his car SOY MILK because it's a white car. So inspiration hit.

If you can't tell what this is all about, there is a bottle attached to the little guys head and it's pouring out. The bottle reads "SOY MLK", and that's supposed to look like milk pouring out over the munny's head and body.

He was a fun little project. And now he's done. Now I get to think of something else to do for the many other munny's I have sitting in my closet.

On another note- I've decided to scrap the drawing I was going to do for my friend of her new baby. Maybe I'll sort thru the many many pictures on her facebook page to find a different picture, but the one I picked is giving me issues, and I don't want to work on it.

Friday, April 03, 2009

excuses for not posting anything of interest.

I already know what they say about excuses...and I don't need the reminder. But I do feel bad for not having posted anything artistic this week. Truthfully, I've been doodeling everyday...just nothing that I think anyone else would want to see. I did start a drawing earlier this week of my friends baby dressed up in 1920's fashion (trust me, it's cute)- but because of the website meltdown yesterday I was concentrating on that and not on the drawing (what's that? The website was back up and running by 2:30pm??? Yeah, well- I left the drawing at home when I went to get my laptop...)
Also, I bought a little something for myself this week. Sketchbook Pro. It's my new obsession. Digital art. I'm determined to make it work for me. And so far I love love love the new program. So I may have left the drawing at home yesterday so I could play with my new obsession in the afternoon.
But I promise. I'll have something to show you all next week. Hopefully you all have great weekends.
Take care!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

website disasters one try to go to my website right now. Apparently if you go it says : Account Error: Inactive. I don't know why. I checked out the people I have my address thru, and everything is fine there. I think it has to do with iWeb, which is what i made my website thru. I had to update it last month, otherwise my site would go away...I updated, but haven't been back to update anything on my page since March 1st...I will have to investigate this further (which unfortunately I can't do from work). So hold tight. I promise I'm still in business. I'll let you know when it's back up and running.

Oh man, what bad timing...

UPDATE: (2:25pm central time) - The website is back up and running. It was an issue with iWeb which, for the most part, has been resolved. I'll update the website later this evening or tomorrow. Sorry for any inconveniences the outage may have caused anyone. If anyone attempts to get on the website and it isn't working, please feel free to shoot me an email so I can rectify the problem asap.

Thank you to those folks to notified me of the problem today. I am eternally grateful!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools Day

I only did 5 drawings in March...I could have done 6, as I've got one burning a hole in my bag right now...but I wasn't in the mood yesterday or Monday.
So starting April off on the right foot...I've got 2 drawings that I know about, that I have to do! I still have the giant drawing that I haven't touched in 2 months, and I'm working on a surprise creation that has to be done by Saturday- otherwise it becomes and belated bday present, and that just won't do, seeing as how I've been working on it since November...and by that I mean "started it in November, and it's been collecting dust since December". My fault entirely if I don't finish it by Saturday. (When did March decide to step on the gas??? It's April already?)

I think I'm going to dabble my hand at drawing some landscape-ish type stuff in the coming months. I took a lot of pictures when Gonzo and I went to San Antonio this past weekend, and all seem to be scenery (with the exception of some really big fish, and a couple of long horns). I haven't done too many landscape pictures, so I figure it will give me some good practice.

Anyway. Hope everyone has a great first day of April, and I hope that you all don't get pranked too much today.