Thursday, September 04, 2008

Stuff and Things

A new project that I'm working on. Don't be surprised if you don't see the completed drawing just yet. It may actually be quite some time before you see the completed drawing, not because I'm so slow or anything, but because this is for this thing that I can't talk about just yet. As soon as I'm able to talk about it I will...but don't look for that post anytime before next year.

So I watched the new 90210 last night (I DVR'd it because I was occupied on Tuesday night and wasn't close to my TV). I have to say that all of the negative reviews for it are a little odd. I tried to watch this, as if I had not seen the original, and in the mind set of a person who is in the demographic. Honestly, even as a 26 year old who has seen the original 90210, I found it to be highly entertaining. Sure there were similarities between the original and this one, sure they had characters in common, sure there were unbelievable moments of "only on tv". But I'm also currently DVR'ing the original 90210 on the Soap net, and can verify that the original was just as unbelievable, just as badly scripted, and contained skinny anerexic looking girls. I loved the original 90210, loved the original cast, watched all 10 years of it. While I'm not still in the same teenaged mind-set that I was while watching the original, originally- I can see where I think they did a good job of making this one. Teenagers today do actually act like the actors on the show. The only thing I can't get past is the fact that the main girl- the one who moves with her family to Beverly Hills- is from Degrassi- The Next Generation- also a show that I got into. She's basically playing the same role. I think it's kind of funny how Degrassi was a long running show in the 80's, then in the 90's and it's still going...on it's 3rd or 4th adaptation now. Hello 90210. Is that what they are trying to do with it?

Anyway. I do like the new 90210. Will I still watch? If I'm home when it's on I will. I like seeing Kelly and Brenda and finding out what the characters are up to now. I really think that they should have done a spin off of "what is the orginal cast of characters up to now". I think it might not have gotten as many bad reviews. But for what it's worth, I enjoyed it. Which means that they will probably cancel it.

Enough of my soap box. I completed-completed the green scarf (meaning I sewed in the loose ends so they aren't flying around being all crazy),and delivered it to the green scarf loving co-worker- who wore it like a movie star yesterday!

I'm having difficulties with the Koolhaas hat, so I'm setting it aside for the time being. Although I can't do that for very long, as I have to get that package out to my friend having knee surgery relatively soon.

I may just frog the whole thing and make her a roll-brim hat, so I'm not under so much pressure to get it done.

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