Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slowest day ever

Aside from having eye issues yesterday and part of today, I have gotten some things accomplished.

If you are nice this week, I may show you the inside of this "pocket wallet" as I'm dubing it. Trust me, you will want to see that. But I'm not really in a posting/bragging mood.

I figured I should show the splatter paintings I've been working on...or worked on this weekend. The last 2 days it's been raining after work, so i can't spray the backs of the remaining here are the ones I finished this weekend:

I had to make a second Red splatter, purple background panel because Gonzo's aunt stole it, as you may recall. So I did this one. this is actually only a sliver of the entire thing. I got lazy with the photos. What can I say?

Ignore the flash in these, my camera hates where I live, so it's impossible to get rid of the glare. I actually really like this one, although not as much as Gonzo. This is actually partially see thru. I used a textured spray paint for the back, and oddly enough, 3 coats...heavy coats of the stuff, didn't make it non-see-thru (I've lost my vocabulary this afternoon...check back tomorrow.)

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