Friday, May 30, 2008

Anyone know what that was?

I'm on a mission now. To find out what kind of spider that was on my car (that is pictured in the previous post- photo not drawing...) I just spent the better part of 30 minutes trying to figure out what it was and I'm not happy with my google search results.
1. my boyfriend said it looked like a brown recluse (um...aren't they "brown" in color then?)
2. When I shot that theory out of the water he came back with "maybe it's the male black widow?" (o...m...g...)
3. At work, I asked someone what they thought it was, from the blog photo and they said "that looks like one of those brown reluses" (ok really? Maybe he's color blind too?)
4. I saw a blog on my search that had a picture of a similar one, about the same size (size of a quarter)- but it had 8 really long legs, mine only had 4 long front legs and 4 short back legs.

At any rate, I would like to know what kind of spider this is, to know if I see another one if I can just thump it away, squish it, or leave it where it is. Because honestly, I'm a spider killer, because I hate them. I've contorted myself in many a weird angle to squish those suckers with my shoe- but something about this one...really did not sit well with me, and I didn't want to just brush it away with my hand, hoping it wouldn't cling on for dear life (to my flesh).

Fair warning, if you look up "Brown Recluse" on google- the images are really gross. Hands and body parts of HUMANS looking like a war zone because of the damage those little things can do.

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