Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I like cupcakes and drawing babies

My mom made it. Isn't it cute? Actually my dad helped too. He likes glue. Hence he glued the eyes on. The cupcake needs to be cleaned off just a bit, but I like him. It's a pin cushion, in case you were wondering. The "sprinkles" on top are actually beads sewn on- I have yet to stick any pins in. I'm affraid he might run away if I stick him. I've never had a useful object with legs before- I'm not sure what the protocall is.

So the lovely North Carolina trip? Anyone remember mention of that? Good, because I don't remember when I posted about that. yeah. It's looking like North Carolina might not be our vacationing spot afterall. Hurricanes, NASCAR, and gas shortages our making us look elsewhere in the good 'ol US of A. We've narrowed it down to New Mexico- just because we like to fly by the seat of our pants and Wisconsin. You know Wisconsin. Because they have cheese. And I'm from there. I'll keep you up to date with our decision. The more I think about it though, the more I'm leaning toward the great up-nort. Where "Doncha know?" is an actual saying and everyone knows what it means-without making it sound like they are making fun of an accent. Plus it's my favorite time of year up there. FALL. We don't really have that season here.
And here's the baby I had started earlier this week. See? It really is laying down. I'm alright with how it turned out, but I so rarely shade the background that I'm still scratching my head about how it looks.
I'm ready for the weekend.
Oh yeah, before I forget. I just made the ugliest and smallest pair of "Terricotta" colored mittens ever. I'm scared if I take a picture of them they will either dissappear (which wouldn't be so bad) or they'll break my camera. Ok, they aren't that bad. I made them yesterday at work. 2 mittens in 8 hours is pretty good right? I'll need to be reminded once I post them, but I'm going to be giving this pair of mittens away. So keep an eye out for the post (They best fit a woman's small or medium hand...I have large hands and can put them on, but they aren't a comfortable fit).

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