Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Scary Leaf Head Baby and other sketch book goodness

I started a new sketchbook last week, and figured since it was the 1st of July, I should maybe post some of the stuff I have been doodling in it :)

I used to have this re-occuring nightmare as a small kid about a giant who killed my only flower (it wasn't actually a giant, just a really big brown shoe). I still remember this horrible feeling that would sweep over me from the loss of the flower. I really think it was my first taste at the emotion "hate"- because I would wake up crying that "the monster killed my flower" Which yes, I have since read many-a-dream book and decoded the message from that dream. But I decided it was time to put the "monster"/"giant" into drawing. Only he came out looking like he has guilt, and he wanted to pick me a new flower to make up for killing the one I had in my dreams as a kid. Conviently he picked it at sunset, so it would be fresh for me in my dreams. Hey, it's cheaper than therapy...
I did this, with the complete intent on painting it in photoshop. I'm slowly teaching myself how to paint using photoshop, but I get bored. I taught myself how to paint an eye using the help of "Digital Character Design & Painting the Photoshop CS Edition" by Don Seegmiller. I have yet to post up the eye, but maybe sometime this weekend I'll get around to uploading it. I was pretty impressed. I'm actually quite sad with myself that I didn't express a greater interest in photoshop while attending The Art Institute of Dallas- maybe I could have picked up these tips and techniques much sooner...and on the schools time, instead of my own. Ah well, I'm not a team player anyway. Probably better that I learn on my own. I hope to share the end result with you once this one is painted.

And here's my pride and joy. I did this yesterday at work. I like to call it "Scary Leaf Head Baby". It's actually much more frightening in this drawing than the actual picture. A friend had sent one of those email forwards with a ton of cute random baby pictures and I couldn't resist. But this one is seriously creepy. It still makes me laugh though.
Ah well, hopefully I'll get some more sketches done soon to share with everyone. I did join deviantart.com last week, but have yet to post anything. I don't know why, I have social akwardness even on website forums. It's not even that I'm affraid of critisism, it's more of a "hey, I'm going to post to get feed back" and then I get nothing. Not even a look at my post...

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