Friday, October 24, 2008

End of the Week Recap

Can I say that I'm happy it's Friday, and everyone not hate me because I just worked 4 days after being gone for a week? Yeah? Ok.
Is it possible to get jet lag from driving? Because I'm experiencing overly tiredness at odd hours of the day and wanting to go to bed at 6:30pm. There was no time change between Texas and Wisconsin people...None.
Anyway. So yeah, this week hasn't been crap. At least not for me, we won't talk about Gonzo, because that's completely different.
I was contacted while I was on vacation to do a commissioned drawing for a Christmas present, and I'm completely excited to start on it (which I kind of already have), but haven't heard back from the woman to find out exactly how she would like it drawn. I have this horrible feeling that taking 4 days to get back to her, due to no internet access while out of town, might have been a deal breaker. I hope not, because the photo she wants me to use is one of the greatest photos anyone has ever requested for me to draw.
I've also been contacted about a "holiday" gift (it's all very secret and hush hush so quotes will be used). I'm excited, it involves sculpting. I won't be able to post those pictures until after the gift has been given.
After sorting thru many of the 8,000 photos that were taken on vacation I've found several that I'm going to do for a "series" for a family member for Christmas. I hope they like it. And I hope they turn out like I'm hoping they'll be on brown paper with colored pencils.
Oh, and I was also informed that a former co-worker has pictures of her baby boy that she wants me to draw for a Christmas present as well.
I'm overwhelmed with greatness! I love it! I can use some more!
Oh yeah, and I frogged my pink striped socks from awhile ago and started over on them today...I'm working on the heel already! I had to switch patterns too, the other one was sucking the life out of me.
Anyway, no pictures today. I just wanted everyone to know where I'm at.
Please feel free to email me any pictures you want drawn for the holidays this year ( and I promise to get back to you ASAP via email. Also I'm extending my deadline for having photos in to me, to have them shipped in time for December 24th. You now have until November 15th, 2008 to get them in. It's been slow, so I figured I'd extend it. I'll update that on my website when I have some time.
Alright, well I hope everyone has had an enjoyable week, and I hope you all get to relax, sleep, and/or do something fun this weekend!

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