Thursday, October 09, 2008

To take on the trip?

I think I'll pack them just in case...but the likelyhood that I'll get to wear them is slim. Well except when I'm way way way up north in Wisconsin and into Minnesota with my friend Heather. Oh yeah, did I mention I may or may not be going to Minnesota for the first time ever? Mall of America anyone? I know the excitement has passed for me too. But I've never been to Minnesota. How can I truly say I'm "from the North" when I've never been to the state of 10,000 lakes? (my entire trip revolves around Wisconsin, Minnesota will remain a day trip)

Oh wait- SIDE TRACKED! This is what I may or may not pack for the trip:

The hat isn't new, and it's completely upside down. But the fingerless mittens are new. I made days have run together...I think I made them either Monday of this week or late last week.

I actually don't know why I make the fingerless mittens anymore, other than the fact that I can make a pair in 4 hours. When I wear them I end up curling my fingers into my palms so they can be warm too. Because lets face it- when your hands are cold, your fingers are the most cold, right?
So yeah, I don't think it's going to be as cold during the day, but 30's at night really may constitute me wearing something knitted.

I had to practice wearing them. You know, being that it's only really cold in Texas for about 1 week out of the year, it's surprisingly easy to forget what it's like to wear something warm.
I'm leaving tomorrow evening, so I'm not sure there will be another post before I go. If you have any drawing needs please follow the directions on my website and I'll get back to you as soon as I have access to email (which could be as soon as I get to Wisconsin- depending upon who has internet access- or it could be as late as when I get back to Texas in a week).

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