Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We have a pair of ugly socks!

HA HAA! Ugly socks! And I'm wearing them! (well not right now, but last night I did)

I can say they fit...kind of. The heels like to sag and it's a little weird feeling. But I'm sure if I make any more socks, I'll make it more...fitable? Is that a word? It is now, if it wasn't before.

I did get the go ahead on the drawing I was mentioning earlier this week. So I'll be working on that today and tomorrow. I'll be emailing the person about it on Friday, so maybe sometime Friday I'll be able to post up a little something for all to see. It's been too long since I posted a drawing.


I'm not sure I mentioned anything about the temperature in Wisconsin while Gonzo and I were there. It seemed as though they were having a late summer, but within 48 hours of being there the temp pretty much bottomed out and we woke up freezing one morning...although not at the 32 degree mark mind you...just in the sense that we weren't used to the temperature in the 40s.

We enjoyed it. I could actually breathe for once. I've developed horrible allergies since being in Texas, and I seriously could do without them. So the whole, re-learning to breathe thru my nose, was awesome!

Then we came back and it was hot and allergies flarred up as soon as we crossed back into Texas.

But yesterday! I woke up to frost on the ground! What the crap??? Frost in Texas in October??? Did I have any knitted goods handy to put on? Of course not, they're all boxed up because winter doesn't happen for at least 4 more months here. But anyway, I assure you, the temps are going back up this week, it'll be 80 by the weekend, which I'm really not excited about.

I can't believe I actually miss the cold weather of Wisconsin. All those years of dying to move to Texas and it only takes 8 years to ruin it all. It could be all of the sun-burning I did this year that did it- I really don't know. Or maybe it's the fact that they have seasons up nort 'der.

And I leave you with a quote from a sign that we saw at an applebees in Madison, WI:

"Dat 'der Root Beer, ets a hoot!"

and trust me, the root beer is better up there (if you can pronounce the quote, you get a gold star for the day. Gonzo had to have me translate).

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