Friday, October 03, 2008


It's Free Mitten Friday!!! Ok, let's not get too excited. It's not like I'm going to start doing this every Friday.

These are the "Terracotta" mittens I was referring to earlier this week. Don't worry, once I know someone actually wants these Women's size Small mittens, I will sew in the ends before I ship it. I see a little tail hanging out there- need to fix that.

These mittens are absolutely free! The only thing you have to do, as a reader, if you would like these mittens, is leave a comment. I'll pick a winner on Monday. There may or may not be an "extra surprise" in the package (value of the possible "extra surprise" is to be determined).

Another view of them, to prove that there are in fact 2 whole mittens up for give-away. And yes they are the same size (they are on the top of my couch, which is rounded, hence the right one looking smaller- it's called perspective).

I was going to do a whole cool themed photoshoot and then got lazy and decided to make dinner instead.

So yeah, if you want them, leave a comment (it would be awesome if you had a link on how to contact you- either website, or email, whatever- so I can then contact you for shipping information- I would prefer, and I would hope you would too, that you not leave your mailing address in the comment- cool?)

Ok this is going to be a long post, because I don't want to post again before Monday- so everyone has a fair opportunity and doesn't get all freaked out and wonder which post they need to comment on, since I know EVERYONE wants these mittens (:P).

I made another pair of mittens this week (not up for grabs...yet). I had some left over green yarn from the magic scarf I worked on a few months ago, so I decided I wanted to make some mittens- with a "twist" (HA! just wait, you'll laugh in a minute). Honestly I need to explain how I knit my mittens. It's not normal. In fact I'm not sure I'm following any one pattern here. I learned how to knit "convertible mittens" a few years ago from one of those awesome Target "I can knit" kits- I waited for it to go on clearance- I still haven't used the yarn or needles that came with the package...just the instructions- which were very poorly written. So I've been making the fingerless mitten part of the convertible mittens for the last 3 years or so as seen here. I could probably make those in my sleep. But then to make a complete "mitten" I never really looked at the rest of the instructions from my Target buy. Recently, I started reading and found her roll-brim hat "recipe" (ok actually I was looking for free knitted hat patterns on google and her website popped up and I've been hooked every since), the way she does the decrease on the hat is how I do the decrease on the thumb and the top of the mitten. And now:

as much as I hate math, I counted my way thru my maddness that are my stitches and made some "twists" to my mittens (HA! Laughing yet? Anyone? Anyone? No? Ok). Seriously, I wrote out my instructions this time. So if anyone is interested in obtaining the instructions (FREE) for these mittens, leave a comment (simply say that you want the "Twist Mitten Instructions" and I'll either post them when I have time, or email you- they aren't typed at this point, but I'm working on it.), and believe me, these are the easiest instructions to follow...ever...because I spell everything out. No guessing at what K2T means. :P I may even work on another pair, and take pictures along the way so it will kind of be like a tutorial...however that will take longer- patience.
And now for non-mitten news. Gonzo and I have decided that our "trip" this year, instead of the NASCAR invaded North Carolina, that we will be going to...DRUM ROLL....Wisconsin! WOO HOO!!! Doncha know? Yeah. So I'm completely overly excited, to say the least. Next weekend can't get here fast enough. I will be able to sew in ends on Terracotta mittens and ship them out before I leave- hence the winner will be picked on Monday (pre-vacation). Oh yeah, did I mention that it's cold enough in Wisconsin now to wear my knitted goods? Yeah. It's awesome. I plan to visit a few yarn shops while up in the Southern part of the state. I'm so excited!!!
Anyway, this post is long enough. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I'll be watching the comments!

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