Monday, October 27, 2008

"Amber's Ugliest Sock" - plurl to come

I finally knitted a sock! It's only taken forever. Yep, it's ugly. It's ok to agree. It's also very large. I have giant ankles so I started this with more stitches than I found any patterns for. Too bad the foot is so...large. I have a long foot (which I'm not sure I made this long enough for), but it's kind of skinny. Anyway. I made it. The one, so far, the only...Amber's ugliest sock. And I am making these for myself. Because let's face it, the only person who is interested in my knitted goods, is myself.

I started on some sculptures this weekend, so that was fantastic! I love playing with Super Sculpy! I didn't draw any because I haven't heard back from the person who contacted me while I was on vacation, so it's in a holding pattern, possibly headed for the "not going to get paid for it" pile. I could have started on some other drawings this weekend but I got tied up hanging out with my parents on Saturday, which was fun as always. We found the family albums, which had already apparently been found by someone in the family as their album was missing. So I have a new "family" project to work on. Digitizing all of the photos (that were in the box), and hopefully adding names to everything to get some sort of a family history down.

Anywho. That's it from me for now. Hope everyone had fabulous weekends and are having great Monday's.

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knitnthings said...

I think it's a beautiful sock - its your first one don't be so hard on it!!