Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Rest of the Trip in a nutshell

I've realized that not everyone wants the play by play of my week long trip. So from this post forward I'm only going to highlight some of the better moments and post pictures as I think of them.

Gonzo and I stayed with Jessica and her mom Helen, and obnoxious younger brother Joey from the evening of the 11th, until the morning of Tuesday the 14th. I have pictures of the animals and landscape and all of the roadside stands that we stopped at during the 12th. But, there are so many pictures, I can't widdle it down to my favorites. I'll post them later, and I'll probably draw some of them. We had a good time, ate some great pancakes, had some fabulous Taco DipTM , and all around had fun being "lazy". We did get to one of my favorite spots...well used to be favorite spots- it's not as fun as it was when I was in High School...State Street in Madison. Gonzo got his hair cut at the Campus Barber, we stopped at a Wisconsin Shop where I took this:

(I didn't steal it, I just took the picture) We stopped at Pipefitters where I bought 2 sweatshirts, one for me and one for Gonzo, to support the wonderful state of Wisconsin and the college team (Go Badgers!).

Once we left Jessica's house, we made the quick trip to see my friend Heather:

I miss Heather. I miss all of my friends in Wisconsin, but I really miss Heather. So I was really excited when plans changed from going to North Carolina to going to Wisconsin, because that meant I would get to see her.
That's Heather. She took us on a fantastic trip all in 2 days. The first day she showed us this rediculously pretty state park...she didn't know it exsisted, we just kind of "found it". Big Falls, I believe is the name of it.
Gonzo took probably 3000 pictures there. I'll include a few:
She took us by a haunted church where Gonzo got some very freaky pictures. We cooked out at her house in 35 degree weather the first night, then the next day Heather and her husband took us in the direction of Minnesota, where we stopped to eat lunch at the Machine Shed in Lake Elmo- then off to The Mall of America- which was a blast but really, really hard to get past one feet and legs have never hurt so bad. We went to the aquarium in the bottom of the mall (which come to think of it, I don't know where those pictures are...hum...), then we left and went back to the Machine Shed for dinner, where they sat us in the same exact booth. We rested up and headed back to the Madison area so we could go to the farm to visit my relatives.

Yes that is me eating a piece of wheat. Well chewing on it is more like it. There's nothing like being down on the farm. (I have a ton of other pictures that Gonzo took, but I'm working...don't have the time to post them all.)

For anyone who is interested, we did get to eat at Taco John's...twice. Once for lunch, and once for breakfast...the Taco John's on Monona Drive serves Breakfast now! Holy Crap!

And here's one last picture that Gonzo and I took on the way to Heathers in Elk Mound Wisconsin:

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