Wednesday, October 08, 2008

2 days and counting

I wish I had something colorful or interesting to post. I'm just so excited that I'm rocking in my office chair at work watching the clock tick by. At least it's almost lunch. I suppose I could roll a ball of yarn that I have with me...and maybe knit something after lunch. But usually after lunch is when I'm busy with work things...funny that I work at work. :P (Really I do work, but there is a lot of down time as a receptionist so it just seems like I don't work.)
I'm actually not feeling 100% today, I woke up dizzy and I'm still dizzy. It could just be my body anticipating the climate change. Or it could just be me being overly excited for vacation to start.
Whatever it is needs to quit. It's making me want to take a very long nap...say a nap from now until Friday? :)
Although I did just think of something interesting. Yesterday was the 17th anniversary of when I broke my wrist. Man I feel old. I like to think of that day as the day that magically changed my right wrist/hand into a drawing machine. I should've planned ahead and bought a cake and thru a drawing party. Oh well.

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