Friday, August 01, 2008

still no pictures of the knitting, but...

I did complete this drawing yesterday while at work. I actually fully intended on doing this drawing several months ago. Gonzo and I had gone to this car show...forever ago...called Pistons & Paint, and we took a crap-ton of photos. I had printed all of these cars off that I wanted to draw and managed to block out all of them except 2, and then just let them sit there, stewing in their own filth (you know, as much filth as a 2B pencil and white paper can muster while hanging out in a manilla folder), and yesterday I didn't want to draw- I didn't. But I have another drawing that I've had for a week now, and I just can't get into it- so I figured if I drew something else during the day, by the time I got home from work I would want to draw it. I completely got into drawing this one- all of the intricate details, and the shadows- I loved it- I even managed to find a happy home for it, but by the time I got home I just stared at the other drawing- blocked in the rest of the faces (there are 5 people in the next drawing, which will hopefully be done by this weekend), and added some shadows and called it a night. If I'm not into drawing a photo, I have to walk away for awhile, do something else, because if I just rush into it, to get it done, it'll look like crap and I won't be happy, and most likely the client won't be happy. So I'm taking my time. I want to make it right. I think the reason I'm getting blocked by the other photo is because it's from the 1970's and it's really hard to see details...I thrive on the details. I'll get into drawing it, soon I hope. But until then, it's the Piston's and Paint mean looking piece of machinery that was finished. The only other vehicle drawing that I've managed to draw from all of the photos that were taken at Pistons & Paint is here. I'm trying to work on drawing vehicles- the wheels still don't turn out completely round, there's usually one tire that looks flat, and there are some straight lines that aren't so straight. Practice, practice, practice.

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