Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's only Tuesday?

First things, first. If I make no sense I blame the olympics. I'm usually the anti-olympic person- mainly because I'm not athletic in the least, so why do I want to watch a whole bunch of sports? But this year...this year is different. Gonzo loves the Olympics. So I've found myself, even when he's not at home, watching the Olympics. Such is last night. Men's Gymnastics. Holy crap! Those guys are insane- and really good at what they do. They would cut into the gymnastics with a race here and there from Phelps- which is just like watching a fish in the water. So yeah, needless to say, I stayed up way past my 9:30pm bedtime to watch me some Olympics (so tired! Can't function!).

Now with that out of the way, I've knitted some more stuff. That picture over there is a Red and White crazy yarn, that I don't remember the name of, or the exact color, BUT, I can tell you, both the mittens and the hat were knitted in the round, with Double Pointed Needles. Size US 9 Double Pointed Needles to be exact (except the thumbs on the mittens, those were Size US 5 Double Pointed Needles).

Here's the close up of the hat. It's a Roll Brim Hat, which of course I obtained the pattern from one "Crazy Aunt Purl" and her blog of hilarity. I actually haven't tried this hat on without a pony tail in my hair, so I'm not sure how well it actually fits- but I have a size 21" head and it fit perfectly over my pony tail and didn't look all crazy, so this is good. Maybe tonight I'll try it on and take a picture. Although I didn't make this for me. I'm probably going to sell it, or donate it. (The hat AND the mittens of course, their a set, can't split them up)

And here are the mittens close-up. While knitting these I had several co-workers comment on how "scary" it looked while I was knitting them. Because I knit the mittens from the bottom up, so I'm using US 9 DPN's for the most part, then when I hit the thumb, I knock that out before completing the rest of the mitten, so then I'm adding 3 US 5 DPN's into the mix, so I have 8 DPN's just hanging around while I'm working. Sure, it looks scary, but you only concentrate on 2 needles at any one time, so it's just like knitting with 2 sticks, instead of 8. 2 STICKS. HA! I don't know why that just made me laugh.

And here's MY hat. Yes, mine. It's all mine! I knitted this with the Roll Brim Hat pattern that is found at crazyauntpurl.com she's funny, you should go read her stuff. She's so great she even has a book! A BOOK! That means she's awesome. So really, go read about her knitting, and her cats, and the wine.

Anyway, since I'm guessing you are still reading and being slackers and didn't click on any of the linked stuff up top, I should tell you about this hat. It's my most favorite thing that I've ever knitted. It's quite possibly the most expensive thing I have ever knitted too. That is Alpaca yarn. ALPACA is not cheap. I'm thinking about buying an Alpaca so I can make my own yarn. I'll put in the back yard- they do like pools and concrete, right? (Dad if you are reading this- NO I have not been living in the city too long, yes I do realize Alpaca's like grass and farms- they also like to spit- It's called a sad attempt at humor dad. Thanks for making sure I'm still country.)

Anywho- the hat. Yes, the hat up there is the softest and warmest thing I've ever made (well the warmest thing I've ever made was the freakin' "almost poncho" I knitted on the knifty Kniter for Gonzo- that thing is heavy!). But once again I knitted this with US 9 Double Pointed Needles. I started it on Sunday, and then a severe lapse in judement happened and Gonzo and I ended up at Chocktaw Casino in Durrant Oklahoma for a few hours, and I wasn't able to finish it until yesterday. Wow, side track, side track...FOCUS (Dad stop laughing).

Ok, so the hat is made from Alpaca yarn (I think I've covered that part already)- I bought it at this place in Downtown Dallas on Saturday called The Shabby Sheep. This is the cutest store, with the most friendly people on the planet, and it has so much yarn that Gonzo and I were in there for over an hour (the place is not that big) looking thru all of the yarn and deciding what I wanted to buy. Let's just say I now have to have children, because I officially signed my first born away to buy the yarn I wanted- this yarn for the hat up there being 2 of the things I purchased. But I had to buy something that I liked, right? I'm knitting it for a reason actually. Gonzo and I are going on a trip in October (middle of the month), we'll be going to North Carolina, so if the gas prices dramatically increase during that time, I appologize in advance for our ROAD TRIP, we will be the ones to blame for all of America's mass gas usage. I digress. I'm acutally not even sure that it will be cold enough in North Carolina in October to use knitted goods- I've never been over there- but it's further east than Wisconsin, so I can only assume that it will be so cold that all of the snot in my nostrils will be frozen as soon as a gust of wind blows. But then again it's on the coast.

Does anyone know what the weather will be like in mid-October in North Carolina?

I'll knit you a hat if you can tell me and it's acurate. (SSSHHHH, But don't tell anyone else)

Happy Tuesday- stay warm...wait, stay cool, it's still in the 90's here (and I'm knitting! That's hard core right there).

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