Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Raining Friday!!!

This is something a little different than what I usually do. I started it earlier this week and just finished it this morning (well it's as finished as it's going to get). I've only tackled one other landscape, several years ago of the Lake Superior Shore Line for someone in Wisconsin. I found it challenging, and this one was no different. Although I also found that drawing landscapes is rather freeing. The line movement for grass and trees and lakes is so free, it's really great for loosening up before tackling a larger drawing (not that I'm doing that for this, but whatever.)
Anyway, I used 2B, 4B and 6B pencils to complete it, and it's on 8 1/2" x 11" printer paper (because it's so smooth!) I figured my blog was a little knit heavy, so I should throw in some drawings to show you that I haven't traded in the pencil for 2 sticks :P (still makes me laugh).
Oddly enough, while completing this drawing today, a cold shiver did go down my spine. I've been visiting Shadow Lands the last few days, and could have sworn that I saw one of the trees in the drawing move (ok, this could be sleep deprivation, Olympics are still on and I fell asleep right before the U.S. girl in pink who was almost in tears because of bad scores, won the gold in gymnastics), but with all of the personal experiences detailed on it sure does make you take a double take for everything.
Anyway, I didn't draw this landscape for anyone in particular, and currently it's not for sale. I do have a purpose for this drawing, but I can't share that with you just yet. Hopefully by December of 2009 I will be able to let you in on it- and you will probably have a flood of blog posts to read thru then, of all the drawings I've been doing that I can't post just yet. Hopefully I find some more inspiration for drawings to work on in my free time...and hopefully business picks up pretty quick here (haven't had anything since the drawing I finished and posted on August 1st for commissioned work).
OOOHHHH yeah, keep an eye out for a "win by comment" contest for some knitted stuff in the near future. I can't tell you what it's going to be, or when it's going to happen, but I have just recently opened my comments to everyone- even those without a blogger account, so hopefully it will be a good turn out of commentors.
Happy Friday, whoever sent the rain- thank you!

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