Friday, August 22, 2008

"Cupcake Baby"

This week I did something I don't normally do. I went looking for things to draw without being asked to draw something. Lately I've been reading a blog, which is quite entertaining, not to mention visually stunning. The woman that composes the blog actually is a fantastic photographer. I love just visiting her blog to see what photos she has put up. One of them peeked my interest last week and I was so conflicted. "Do I ask her to draw the photo?" "Should I just draw it and never show anyone?"** "What's the worst that can happen if I ask her if I can draw the photo?" (of course in my head the worst that can happen is I come across in an email sounding like a crazzed stalker type and the cops are called and I'm questioned about being a stalker and then my blood pressure raises, migraines insue, calamity happens and I cry that I have zero online social skills.)- But none of that happened. The worst that could happen, in actuality- not in my head- is she would say no. As luck would have it, She said YES! So I did what I do best- I drew it while I was at work! (Yeah work!) I started it on Tuesday evening and finished it on Thursday.
As you can see, I started with the eyes. (Yes it is roughed out in the background, although from the looks of these photos, it's not clear) Like I've said many times before, I like drawing eyes, this girl has the most precious eyes I have ever seen. So wide and full of wonder, I think that's why I was so interested in drawing this particular photo.

I was actually going to start with the hair, but couldn't. For some reason if I start any drawing, anywhere but the eyes it's like I forget how to draw. (I don't normally take this many pictures of the "during" process, but this picture really inspired me to do a really fantastic job and take my time, paying especially close attention to every single detail- not that I don't pay attention to details in any other drawing that I do, I think the "extra" attention was brought on by what an amazing photograph it was that I was drawing from.)

After I finished the hair and part of the clothing, I stopped for Tuesday (about 8 hours into the drawing). On Wednesday I finished the clothing, the cupcake in hand and the signature and called it finished.

It's finished! I mailed it off today. I can't thank Maryse enough for letting me draw her adorable niece! Keep up the beautiful photography!!!

**Please note: If you ever want to draw something and it's either from a photograph, magazine, or book, or whatever- please always get permission before you draw the image. If you can't obtain permission from a magazine or a book company, please note the location you took the image from in any written form or showcase of the art. Stealing images is never ok. Someone worked really hard to produce something, give them credit. If you don't understand the importance of that, then just think about how you would feel if you drew/painted/created something and someone did the exact same thing after seeing your creation, and they tried to pass it off as "original". It's stealing. Please don't do it.


maryse said...

amber, thanks so much. i received the drawing before going away and i apologize for only getting back to you today.

anyway, i'm working on a blog post about you right this second.

-amber- said...

Thank you so much Maryse! I saw the post! You're awesome!