Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Do I get a vacation yet?

#1. Last week I took 2 days of vacation from work. Which turned into me also taking Monday off from work. Why you ask? Well, David went in for nose surgery on Thursday. As he likes to tell everyone, he got a nose job- as I like to correct him every time, I like to tell people he had a polyp growth in his nostril causing him to not be able to breathe, as well as a deviated septum that they had to repair. I can now say (at this date, I can't control my actions later in life), that I no longer want that glorious nose job that I've wanted since I was a teenager...Being nurse to plastic surgery patients is gross.
#2. I finished a drawing while on vacation from work. Remember the drawing "Love Knows No Bounds"? It had a mom with wings, and two girls below her and some clouds? Yeah, I had the requestor request a miniature version for her sister. I currently do not have that picture to show you...I really hope I remembered to scan it before I sent it off...
But in case I didn't (and I'm realizing now that I never actually posted this drawing anywhere on my blog), here is what the original looked like. I have since been informed by the requestor that the mouth was crooked (try looking at something for days on end and see all the problems...), so I fixed that in the newest drawing. I'm just sorry the requestor didn't mention that before I shipped her this drawing. I feel like a schmuck.
#3. I found a drawing I had been looking for and can't remember if I've already posted it or not. If not, here it is:
I think I might put this up for sale. So if you have an urge to purchase it, please comment, or shoot me an email: ASBTSF@gmail.com and we can discuss prices. If you would like to wait until sale time on the website...well fine then...go ahead and wait.

And if all of this sounds oddly familiar...which it does to me- then I think we are experiencing deja vu together...

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