Wednesday, August 06, 2008

knitted goods- this time with pictures!!!

My purse! Yeah, it's completely not done, or anywhere close to being done, and quite frankly, I'm sick of this periwinkle color already, but that's what I've got done on it so far...that's about 75 rows right there. And I screwed up on 3 rows can see it if you look close- but I'm so ready to be done with the FRONT of the purse that I'm not ripping it all out to start over. I kind of think the mistakes give it character (at least that's what I'll tell myself!)
Here are 2 -35mm hats that I did (totally not following the pattern at all because it took too much effort to figure out the knitting code), both were supposed to be for Gonzo- however the first one I did, over there on the right turned out waaaaayyyyyy too small for his head (and mine for that matter- stupid knit 2 pearl 2 method!). So I made a second hat there on the left- which fits me and Gonzo awesomely. I decided on this pattern because Gonzo works in the "film" industry, he sees a lot of it everyday, and the fact that it's 35mm just made me laugh. I showed him the pictures from the blog I got the pattern from and he loved it and begged me to make it for him (ok, that might have been the other way around "please Gonzo? Just let me make a hat for you! COME ON!!!")

But see this picture, it makes it look like there's a giant gap in the hat...It doesn't do that on Gonzo, and I have a smaller head than he does, so the fact that it's doing that is making me question my knitting abilities (or my head size)!

Geez, could my eyes be greener? Anyway, I think I took this picture after seeing the last one and deciding I was annoyed by it all.
Happy Wednesday!

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