Monday, August 25, 2008


I didn't do anything this weekend. Well, in the arts and crafts sense of "anything". I did go check out "Pineapple Express", which made me laugh so hard I think I still have tear streaks on my face. And I did enjoy some asian food with some good friends. But pretty much, I slept, or was overly bored and didn't feel like doing anything. That's a first. Usually my weekends are jam packed with goodness. Not that sleeping and being bored isn't goodness, it's just not my norm.
I did work in photoshop though for a few hours. I did a drawing forever ago, of a woman standing on a cliff with the wind blowing. My whole intention with that drawing was to paint it up in photoshop. I'm just now getting around to it. The battery just died on my laptop, otherwise I would throw up some great screen captures of it. I'm actually kind of glad the battery died. Working on stuff at work can make me stressed out. For instance, I'm painting in photoshop- erasing a giant chunk of black that I had painted that went way beyond the line it needed to be in, and a co-worker is looming over my shoulder and goes "what are you doing?" and I said "painting in photoshop", his reply was "why don't you just select everything?" my response was "because I'm having fun" and his retort was 10 steps to this side of "wow, you're an idiot". Maybe this is why I haven't taken a career in utilizing photoshop thru-out my day. I know there are short cuts, I think I'm pretty aware of all of the short cuts in photoshop, be it a keyboard short cut, or how to make something go faster. However, I'm old school when it comes to art, so unless I can actually take my time on something and not rush thru it, then I'm going to end up hating it and quit working on it 1/2 way thru. I like the eraser tool, ok? Let me use it to erase stuff. I do things my way, you do things your way. We're all unique that way. Geez.
Seriously, it's enough to make me drag out the knitting. That way I'll only get the "um, you know it's 97 degrees outside, right?" questions, and I can make everyone think I'm psychotic with a "what are you talking about? i'm freezing!!!" response.

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