Thursday, August 28, 2008

Green is a wonderful color, don't you think?

Pssssttt!!! Did anyone notice the header? I finally changed it! Go me!

So yeah, pardon my horrible photography skills here (I blame the horrible lighting at my job). For the last week or so I've been knitting this thing. I like to call it a scarf. It's actually the magic scarf. And of course it's on, because that's where I get all of my instructions from (ok that's not true, just lately that's where they've all been coming from).

I started knitting this with the intent to just get rid of my Mt. St. Pile-o-yarn, and eventually this lovely little number would find a very happy and loving home. While knitting it, two co-workers commented on how much they loved the color. One also commented on how much she loved scarves. I decided to give it to the green scarf lover. (If I had more of this yarn I would have knitted another one for the other co-worker- but even then, I'm not sure she would want a scarf and I just feel weird doing the whole "hey, so you said you like this color, what do you want me to make you?" Hello pushy!)

So I've been doing that, I've also been working on some mittens for the last two days. I have a friend back home in Wisconsin (Funny how the place you grew up in will always be "home"), who was hit by a car in December of 2007, conveniently on my birthday (she will forever remember and hate my birthday). She was crossing the street and a jerk who was driving too fast for conditions (it was blizzard snowing), and failed to yeild at a crosswalk struck her. She's been a tough trooper for all of the injuries and physical therapy. They just discovered that part of her knee cap is floating around inside her knee area, so she's going to have to have knee surgery. I'm putting together a goodie box of stuff to send her for "recovering from knee surgery". Since she lives in the Fridged North (i.e. Wisconsin), I'm knitting her mittens and a hat...possibly a scarf (we'll see how that goes). My parents are also getting in on the act and helping me make her something that she is going to 1. laugh at and 2. hopefully use. I'll post the knitted stuff, and once my parents finish their project I'll take pictures and post's going to be greatness.

Anyway, back to the green scarf. I don't know how long it is, I didn't measure it. I don't even remember what size knitting needles I, I'm slacking. It's Lions brand Wool-Ease yarn, Forrest Green Heather, I think was the color...I could be way off on that (not the green part though). I still have to sew in the ends to make it all presentable. I'm still debating on whether or not I should block it. I've never blocked anything before, and I'm still waiting for my steamer to get here ( is awesome!). Any thoughts on blocking? Especially blocking a magic scarf? I just don't want to screw anything up, especially since I'm giving it to someone.

Ah well, I leave you with the overexposed picture:

(Gonzo hates when I use the flash, he's all about natural lighting...)

So seriously, did anyone even notice the header?


Bryan said...

I totally noticed the header. Awesome. The scarf is nice too.

-amber- said...

Wooo hoo!