Tuesday, August 19, 2008

haha! You just thought you would be seeing more drawings

Worst side of the hat ever...Gonzo loves his black and gray 35mm hat, right? So that's why he asked me to make him a new blue hat using really expensive yarn from The Shabby Sheep. One of these days I'm going to teach him to put the "bad" part of the hat at the back. I'm really bad at math, can I just say that? I thought this was going to be the most even hat I had ever done, and then "WHAM!", the last 2 stitches show up and I'm like "um, but wait, there's too many of you"- Thus the "bad" part that you can see. Righ there. On the side of Gonzo's head. It's really only noticable on the light blue part, so that's good...
I haven't drawn anything since the landscape picture from the previous post, but I have a few things "in the works" so-to-speak. I actually got in the mood to paint yesterday, so maybe I'll get a few paintings done soon- if they turn out 1/2 as good as they look in my head then they should be pretty sweet looking.

Last night I went thru my yarn collection. HOLY CRAP. Can I just say that I have a compulsion? Seriously, I have so much yarn that I actually started to feel like I was suffocating. I found 1/2 done projects laying at the bottom of Mt. St. Pile-O-Yarn. I actually discovered that I've made hats before.
This lovely number was knitted on the knifty knitter in 2006. It's warm- kind of. And breezy in parts (the gaps in thread are ginormous because of the kniftiness of the knitter).

I found 3 other hats that I'm too ashamed to even post. I found no less than 5 scarves- all about 1/3 of the way finished- none of them having needles in any of the stitches, so basically that means I have SO MUCH MORE YARN TO USE.

Anyone want some yarn? Seriously? I have so much, and not enough projects...

Oh yeah, due to the sheer lack of comments I've decided to nix the comments contest for winning something fabulous (or maybe it would have just been some yarn, or a free 8" x 11" drawing). And as for the person who won a hat for letting me know what the weather is going to be like in North Carolina in October...well- I win for looking it up on google...so yeah me. i get another hat. And also one goes to my dad for telling me to "watch out for hurricanes". Seriously though, I appreciate anyone who does read my blog. Please don't be shy, feel free to comment. I know back in 2004 or 2005 I posted a blog that went off on someone who posted a comment who was trying to get me to switch internet providers, I said some harsh things, which I don't 100% take back, but I know I was all like "I'm going to make rules for people who want to post comments...blah blah blah"- seriously, there are no rules, I've even lifted the comment posting ban- so all are welcome. But I understand if you are annonomously reading this. Most of the links on the side of this blog are blogs that I quietly stalk (not in a creepy way), I haven't left comments on many of them- but I have emailed a few of them.

Anyway, come September, I hope to have a few more drawings to post here, even if they are pages from my sketchbook. I'm also working on a few items to sell thru Zazzle.com. So once I have some of those things up and for sale, I'll put a button on the side of the blog so you guys can go check it out.

See, it doesn't look SO bad here.

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