Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Family of 5

I did it! I finished the drawing! You know, the one I was referring to in the previous post. Yes, it was difficult to complete, but I finished it over the weekend and hand delivered it yesterday. I think because of this drawing I may have to implement some new rules for photo submissions- the 1960's and 1970's photos did not age well:
While I was able to complete this drawing, I am not happy with how it turned out. There is a great loss of detail in the photograph, along with over-exposure and under exposure making the shadows that I normally do look weird for a drawing (this is no fault of the photographer- perhaps the blame should be put on camera companies and development places from those decades)- yet not having good reference material to go off of, I had a hard time adjusting it. Also, the lack of detail in the photo made it very difficult to draw the faces and hands. I did what I could, and the recipient seemed pleased, but me as a perfectionist with drawings am severly unsatisfied with how it turned out. I guess if the customer is happy I should be happy right?
I think I am ok with it, I just got frustrated with it and I have the lingering feeling from that. And you know, it was a challenge which I do like (sometimes), so maybe drawing from 60's and 70's photos won't be all bad.
Oh well, I leave you with a close up:

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