Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can't take it

I have to vent, before my art suffers for all of eternity.
We all know that I'm a receptionist. And some would argue that my whole entire job is to answer phones- which in and of itself should be the easiest thing in the world, right?
Ok, well let's put into place- the other part of this "answering phones is your only job" scenario. Technically this "easiest job" only entails me to transfer calls to the corresponding department. I know nothing else, other than the name of the company, our address, our phone number and our fax number...I may even know the office business hours- but I don't know individual's lunch schedules or their specific hours.
I ask you, Joe Q. Public, why you find it necessary to take out all of your anger and frustration and sarcastic remarks on the first person to answer the phone?
Today, I have taken, no less than 26 snotty calls, from either people who refuse to tell me who they are, but demand to speak to someone with in the company who is in a meeting, or ask who just called them- of the 60 employees that work here (how is the receptionist going to know that, unless they themselves, made that phone call?). And the option for voicemail isn't mandatory, but I like to throw that out there to be nice. If I ask you if you would like to leave a voicemail for the unreachable- all you have to do is say yes or no. There is really no need to reply with "well if they aren't available, why would I leave them a message?" to which I would love to reply- because they are waiting for an answer- but don't want to get fired "well this is a place of business, where we do business like things- which means most of the time people you want to get a hold of are going to be in a meeting or working on a project. Maybe you should be doing the same thing, instead of harassing a receptionist."
I mean honestly. When I was a teenager, I worked in several jobs that required me to have some level of customer service. Between people attempting to rip stores off, or the insanity of some shoppers that will scream at the youngest of employees for the smallest thing- I completely understand why today's generation have the "I really don't care what you need" attitude. Because adults and even people my age (26) have made it impossible to be nice to anyone. There's no need for yelling. Being nice will get you much further than screaming at someone. I think this country, as a whole, needs to take one giant anger management class- and start honoring that golden rule "do unto others and you would want others to do unto you". Learn it. Live it. Love it.
With that said. I'm still kind to everyone who calls, to everyone who enters the building. I'll even grit my teeth and try not to leap across my desk, or thru the phone to slap some sense into the next arrogant jerk that says something they should know better than saying. I'll remain nice, when no one else in this world will be nice. However knowing that, please don't call me at work just to see if I'll get angry, because I'll probably just transfer you to the HR Manger...or the IT Manager, who will deal with your attitude way more rudely than I would.
Oh yeah- and my art man...it's just getting angrier and angrier looking- that's why I need to vent, so I can go draw some happy stuff. Harshness makes for dark and depressing lines. Happiness makes me be able to control all of it...

Here's a drawing I did last week...in the more subdued environment with less hatefulness.
My friend and former co-worker Bryan has an adorable daughter named Emily. I decided to swipe the photo up top off of his blog so I could draw her. Although in the process of drawing her, it made me realize I want to draw her full size...on nice paper...that I won't have to rip out of a sketchbook to give to the parents.
So yeah, my sketch...very unfinished. But I still kind of like it.

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